Amazon Pay ICICI Bank Credit Card Review

Amazon Pay ICICI Bank Credit Card Review


Joining Fee: LTF
Annual Fee: LTF


Co-Branded, Cashback


1% - 5%



Payment Network



Fuel Surcharge Waiver

The Amazon Pay ICICI Bank credit card has been a big success for Amazon India and ICICI Bank. In all probability, the Amazon Pay card is one of the best selling co-branded credit cards in India and a large percentage of total ICICI Bank credit cards. The Amazon Pay ICICI card offers 5% unlimited cashback for Amazon Prime customers and 3% for non-Prime customers on shopping.

So, if you buy an appliance worth Rs 1 Lakh, you get 5% or Rs 5000 return on the Amazon Pay ICICI Bank credit card! The Amazon Pay ICICI Bank credit card also offers 1% cashback on any other offline spends like insurance, government spends and utilities. All this make the Amazon Pay ICICI card one of the simplest cashback cashback credit cards in India. Read on for a detailed review of the APay ICICI credit card and its rewards & benefits.

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Applying for the Amazon Pay ICICI Bank Credit Card

Amazon Pay ICICI Bank Credit Card - Rewards

ICICI Bank and Amazon have one of the easiest and quickest application processes. For customers with an existing ICICI Bank credit card, the application process is simple. Enter the existing credit card number and authenticate the same. Amazon and ICICI check eligibility on the fly to approve and generate the Amazon Pay credit card in under a minute.

If you have another card like Coral or Sapphiro, just follow the above process. Post eligibility check, it will generate a digital Amazon Pay card in less than a minute. The card details can be viewed on ICICI iMobile/Net Banking as well. So, we can use the card for online purchases right away.


Amazon Pay ICICI Bank credit card is LTF (Lifetime Free). So there are no joining fee, annual fee or any other hidden charges. This and the rewards it offers are what makes this an excellent entry-level card for all kinds of spending. This is a plus point as the competition Flipkart Axis Bank credit card has a joining and annual fee of Rs 500.

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The welcome benefit keeps changing. So, do keep an eye on it when applying for the card.

Joining/Annual FeeNIL (Lifetime Free)
Welcome BenefitRs 750 Amazon Gift Card for Prime members
Rs 600 Amazon Gift Card for non-Prime application
Amazon Pay ICICI Bank Credit Card Review: Fees


The reward rate is between 1% to 5% based on Prime membership status and purchase category. So if you shop for Rs 20,000 every month from Amazon India as a Prime member, you get Rs 1000 as Amazon Pay Rewards! Each reward point is equal to Rs 1. There is no maximum cap for the rewards earned on Amazon Pay ICICI Bank credit card.

Spend CategoryRewards
Amazon India Shopping5% for Prime members
3% for non-Prime members
Bill Payments, Travel and Add Money to Amazon Pay Wallet2%
Payment via APay ICICI credit card using Amazon Pay gateway 2%
All other spends including offline PoS1%
Fuel Spends0%
Amazon Pay ICICI Bank Credit Card Review: Rewards

Fuel Surcharge Waiver

The Amazon Pay ICICI Bank credit card offers a 1% fuel surcharge waiver on fuel spending. There is no minimum transaction limit or maximum surcharge cap on this.

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Rewards Redemption

There is no upper cap on rewards. The rewards are added to the Amazon account as a gift card at the end of the billing cycle. Amazon also sends out an email confirmation with the amount on the addition of the gift card.

While automatic redemption without any minimum amount requirement is good, there should have been an option for cash back or a statement credit. This is what the competition Flipkart Axis Bank credit card offers.

Amazon Pay ICICI Bank Credit Card Review - Rewards Redemption

Drawbacks of the Amazon Pay ICICI Bank credit card

While the rewards are good for this card, there are a few drawbacks that we need to consider.

  • Prime membership (currently Rs 1499) is required to get the 5% reward benefits on this card. Without it, we get 3% rewards for Amazon India purchases.
  • No statement credit for rewards redemption – Entry-level credit cards should have this option. A gift voucher is good but statement credit ensures we do not need to repurchase from Amazon. The competition Flipkart Axis Bank credit card offers this.
  • There is no airport lounge access on this card. Again, this is something that the competition Flipkart Axis Bank credit card offers.

Amazon Pay ICICI Bank Credit Card vs SBI Cashback Card and others

Amazon Pay ICICI Bank credit card is not the only one offering 5% rewards on Amazon India. We have other options now.

The new launch SBI Cashback credit card offers 5% cashback on many online merchant spends including Amazon and Flipkart. This is direct cashback, not rewards unlike Amazon Pay ICICI card.

The other option is the Swiggy HDFC Bank credit card. We get 5% back in Swiggy wallet for spends on Amazon, Flipkart and more. While 5% in Swiggy wallet may not sound lucrative, consider sales where HDFC Bank is the 10% instant discount partner. In these cases you would get 15% back in Swiggy wallet.

Should you get the Amazon Pay ICICI Bank Credit Card?

Our answer to that question will be Yes. With unlimited 5% rewards for Amazon purchases automatically added to the Amazon account at the end of every month, it can add up to significant savings over a year. Add to that the zero joining and annual fees and it is an easy decision. Only a few cards like HDFC Infinia / DCB provide better rewards for Amazon India. But while not everyone can get a DCB/Infinia, the Amazon Pay ICICI credit card is relatively easier to get.

Amazon Pay ICICI Bank Credit Card

Card Maven

Features and Benefits
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7 thoughts on “Amazon Pay ICICI Bank Credit Card Review”

  1. If u use Amazon ICICI credit card for online purchase on other website and latter convert into EMI then they would charge a hefty 2% + GST as processing fees, alongwith Interest + GST. This is the hidden fees which is not disclosed to customers and if you buy high value items you would have to shell out more.

    There statement doesnot mention this fees anywhere.

  2. There is devaluation of reward rate on bill payments on this card. For insurance premium payment it got reduced to 1pc earlier it used to be 2pc. Paytm wallet load gives zero pc reward. Finally devaluation started after achieving the target number. Time to be cautious.

  3. I have kept LTF ICICI platinum credit card for only ICICI bank offer.
    Should i upgrade to a ICICI amazon pay/ Rubyx(if LTF)/ MMT signature card? Can you suggest for better rewards/cashback percentage?

    1. Card Maven

      If you are looking for rewards, then time to look outside ICICI Bank credit cards.

  4. I had credit card, For late fee and interest charges they charged Rs.2300/- and it cant be reversed as per their system/policy. Other vendors can reverse the charge easily. I cancelled the card immediately. I am a ICICI Privileging banking customer. Interest charges are more here in ICICI.. please consider before applying the same.

    1. The efficient way for using a credit card is set auto pay on the due date with direct debit from your bank. This way no need to worry about interest, finance charges, etc

    2. You are right Senthil. They charged me 7500. I’m holding a Salary account 3 in 1. One time payment delayed by a week due to sim card not working as I’m on international business trip. My salary a/c has 2.5Lakh balance during that time.

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