Amex Platinum Travel Offer – 25% cashback on Flipkart/Zomato/MakeMyTrip (Targeted)

Amex India Platinum Travel Offer - 25% cashback

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There are times when we get some great unexpected offers from Amex. This is one such offer. There is a new Amex ‘More Value’ offer for Platinum Travel credit cards with 25% cashback up to Rs 2500 for spending on Flipkart, Zomato or Make my Trip. Here are the complete offer details:

Amex Platinum Travel Card ‘More Value Offer’ – Get 25% cashback on Flipkart/Zomato/Make My Trip

OfferGet 25% cashback for spending at Flipkart/Zomato/Make My Trip using Platinum Travel credit card
Maximum CashbackRs 2500
Offer Validity07-Nov-2021
Cashback PostingWithin 5 days of eligible spend
Offer TypeTargeted. Offer has to be saved to the eligible card in the Amex India portal before using it for payment.
Amex Platinum Travel Offer - Get 25% cashback upto Rs 2500

This is an awesome offer from American Express. 25% in cashback with a generous limit of Rs 2500 is pretty good considering Platinum Travel is already a very rewarding card.

Multiple transactions are eligible, so in total Rs 10000 needs to be spent across Flipkart/Zomato/Make my Trip to avail maximum cashback. That should be easily achievable. We can always double dip with Amex Reward Multiplier as well. 🙂

This offer seems to be only for selected card holders. So, check your Amex accounts and save the offer to card if it is available.

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