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If you have a question, the easiest way so far has been to post a comment on the articles. But, it is difficult for anyone reading it to find the specific information they are looking for. So, for sometime we have been looking to better comments in WordPress. But, it is easier said than done.

But, we now have a better way in which you can post your queries. Announcing Card Maven Social – your very own forum for anything related to credit cards. Here are some of the questions you can post on the forum:

LTF IndusInd Bank Credit Cards
  • I am interested in credit card A. Is it worth applying for?
  • I am getting an upgrade from credit card A to B. Should I go for it?
  • What is the best credit card from this list for my upcoming spend?

This and more. You can even post any basic query on the forum. Overtime, we expect to build a pool of credit card enthusiasts who can help each other out.

So, what are you waiting for? Do join us on this journey of building a forum of credit card enthusiasts!

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