AU Bank Xcite Ace Credit Card

AU Bank Xcite Ace Credit Card


Joining Fee: LTF
Annual Fee: LTF



Reward Rate

1% to 3%



Issued On



Domestic Airport Lounge Access, Railway Lounge Access, Fuel Surcharge Waiver

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AU Bank Xcite Ace credit card is the mid variant of the new LTF range of Xcite credit cards from AU Bank. We can apply for this card on C2C basis with any existing credit card. As the name suggests, it is a cashback credit card like the popular Axis Ace. But, does it offer good cashback benefits like the Axis Ace? Here is a review of the AU Bank Xcite Ace credit card with details of its rewards & benefits.

Fees and Charges

The Xcite Ace is a LTF credit card like other Xcite variants. So, no welcome benefit is available here. You get the cashback and benefits and that’s it.

Joining FeeLTF
Annual FeeLTF
AU Bank Xcite Ace Credit Card Review: Fees and Charges

How to Apply for the AU Bank Xcite Ace credit card?

We can apply for credit cards based on either salary or an existing credit card. The latter process is called C2C or card-to-card. While many issuers have an offline process for C2C applications, AU Bank has taken this process online.

AU Bank SwipeUp is a new platform that offers an online C2C process. Through this, we can “upgrade” to a new range of LTF Xcite credit cards from AU Bank. We have three Xcite credit card variants – Xcite, Xcite Ace, and Xcite Ultra. So, it is as simple as logging in and providing the existing credit card bin number to show which new AU credit card you can get.


Minimum SpendsCashback
Rs 75001%
Rs 125002%
Rs 200003%
AU Bank Xcite Ace Credit Card: Rewards

The cashback looks good but the rules regarding cashback calculation are vague. For example, what is the cashback we will get if we spend below Rs 7500? But, our understanding is as below:

  • 1% cashback on all spends if you spend more than Rs 7500 in a statement cycle
  • 2% cashback on all spends if you spend more than Rs 12500 in a statement cycle
  • 3% cashback on all spends if you spend more than Rs 20000 in a statement cycle
  • Maximum cashback in a statement cycle is capped at Rs 750. So, we can spend a maximum of Rs 25000 in a statement cycle before hitting this cap.
  • Wallet, rent and fuel spends will not be considered for cashback.
  • So, you can pay utility/insurance bills and get up to 3% cashback on those spends. This may be useful as many cashback credit cards have stopped giving cashback on utility and insurance bill payments.

Complimentary Airport Lounge Access

  • Airport Lounges in India: 2 complimentary visits per calendar quarter to airport lounges in India. The access is enabled by Dreamfolks/Visa. We can access airport lounges supported by both Dreamfolks and Visa.
  • Airport Lounges outside India: No complimentary visits
LTF IDFC First Bank Credit Card

Complimentary Railway Lounge Access

  • Railway Lounges in India: 2 complimentary visits per calendar quarter to railway lounges. The access is enabled by Dreamfolks. We can access this list of railway lounges by using our Xcite credit card.

The complimentary railway lounge access is also available for add-on cardholders within the same limits.

Other Key Benefits and Charges

  • Fuel Surcharge Waiver: 1% fuel surcharge waiver for fuel transactions between Rs 400 and Rs 5000. Maximum waiver of Rs 200 per statement cycle.
  • Forex Markup Charges: 3.49%+GST ~4.12%
  • Finance Charges: 3.59% per month or 43.08% annually
  • Device Protection Plan: Get 1-year complimentary screen damage protection for mobiles/tablets and a 1-year extended warranty for mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and other white goods. This is available for any eligible purchase made using the Xcite Ace credit card. Check this link for the T&C.
  • Silver Spoon Premium Dining Program: Get up to 30% discount on 300+ eligible restaurants

Final Thoughts

The Xcite Ace is an entry-level credit card with pretty good cashback on spends. But the minimum spend criteria to spend at least Rs 7500 to get 1% cashback is a bad restriction. This makes it unsuitable for usage unless you can plan this much spend every month. Flipkart Axis and Axis Ace offer 1.5%/2% cashback on daily spends without an such condition. So, it is surprising to see this kind of limits in the AU Bank Xcite Ace credit card.

Moving on from the cashback, the AU Bank Xcite Ace credit card also offers a few good benefits. The complimentary domestic airport and railway lounge access will be useful as we get 2 complimentary visits per quarter to each type of lounge. The extended warranty for mobiles and appliance purchases can also be handy if you end up using the Xcite Ace during any e-commerce sales.

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AU Bank Xcite Ace Credit Card

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