Axis Bank Magnus Credit Card

Axis Bank Magnus Burgundy Credit Card


Joining Fee: Rs 12500+GST
Annual Fee: Rs 12500+GST


Airmiles, Rewards


1.2% to 2.4%



Payment Network

Visa, Mastercard


Domestic Airport Lounge Access, International Airport Lounge Access, Golf Games/Lessons

The rise and the downfall of Axis Bank Magnus credit card is a pretty interesting story. It was an overnight rage among credit card enthusiasts and has seen a rapid devaluation too. The latest round of devaluations adds more restrictions to an already weak value proposition offered by the Magnus. If you hold the non-Burgundy variant of Axis Bank Magnus credit card, should you hold on to it or move on to other alternatives? Here is an updated review of the Axis Bank Magnus credit card.


For fresh applications, the required salary or ITR is Rs 24 LPA. If you already have an existing Axis Bank credit card, you can upgrade to Magnus provided the limit on your card is more than Rs 4 Lakh.

LTF IndusInd Bank Credit Cards


Joining FeeRs 12500+GST ~Rs 14750
Welcome BenefitRs 12500 GV from Luxe, Postcard Hotels or Yatra GV
Annual FeeRs 12500+GST ~Rs 14750
Renewal BenefitNone
Annual Fee WaiverRs 25 Lakh spend excluding rent, wallet, government services, insurance, fuel, gold/jewellery and utilities
Axis Bank Magnus Credit Card Review: Fees


Spend CategoryRewardsReward Rate
Spends till Rs 1.5 Lakh in calendar month12 EDGE RP/Rs 2001.2% – 2.4%
Travel EDGE (Cumulative transactions of up to Rs 2 Lakh in a calendar month)60 EDGE RP/Rs 2006% – 12%
Incremental spends above Rs 1.5 Lakh in calendar month (AEP Benefit)35 EDGE RP/Rs 2003.5% – 7%
Utilities, Government Institutions, Wallet, Insurance, Fuel, Gold/JewelleryNo Rewards0%
Axis Bank Magnus Credit Card Review: Rewards
  • Milestone Benefit: The milestone benefit has been stopped effective 1st September 2023.
  • Each EDGE Reward is worth 20 paise when redeemed for vouchers. But, points transfer to airline/hotel partners will yield a better value for your EDGE RP.
Axis Bank Travel EDGE
Earn 60 EDGE RP/Rs 200 Rewards on Travel EDGE with Axis Bank Magnus Credit Card

TRAVEL EDGE is Axis Bank’s version of HDFC Bank SmartBuy where we can book flights and hotels. Magnus gets 60 EDGE RP per Rs 200 for TRAVEL EDGE bookings. We also have Grab Deals for earning accelerated EDGE Rewards. Grab Deals is similar to HDFC Bank SmartBuy but comes with more merchants. We have Flipkart, Amazon, and Instant Vouchers where we can get higher rewards on transactions. Bonus EDGE reward points on Grab Deals are capped at 10000 EDGE RP/month.

Accelerated EDGE Reward Points (AEP) Benefit

With the new Magnus reward structure, Axis Bank has introduced a benefit of earning 35 EDGE RP/Rs 200 on incremental spends above Rs 1.5 Lakh in a calendar month. But, not all spends count towards this threshold of Rs 1.5 Lakh and that is what makes it a little bit complicated. To keep it brief, we will just mention the exclusions for this spend target below.

  • Travel EDGE spends till Rs 2 Lakh spend in a calendar month are not eligible. Anything above that is eligible and earns 35 EDGE RP/Rs 200.
  • Rent payments till Rs 50,000 are eligible
  • Utilities, Government Institutions, Wallet, Insurance, Fuel, Gold/Jewellery spends are not eligible for AEP
  • Gyftr/Grab Deals spends are not eligible for AEP

So, reaching that Rs 1.5 Lakh spend threshold may not be easy after all.

LTF IDFC First Bank Credit Cards

Axis Bank Magnus Credit Card Rewards Redemption

EDGE Rewards can be redeemed from the Axis Bank EDGE REWARDS portal. We have different options including products, gift vouchers, and Airmiles transfers as well. Both Amazon and Flipkart gift vouchers are available. In all cases, the value for each EDGE reward is 20 paise.

  • Amazon or Flipkart Gift Vouchers: 1 EDGE RP = 20 paise
Axis Bank Magnus Credit Card Review - Rewards Redemption
Axis Bank EDGE Rewards – Redemption Portal

Transfer Axis Bank Magnus Credit Card EDGE RP to Airlines/Hotel Partners

Out of these transfer partners, Turkish Airlines (for Air India) and Vistara will be useful for domestic travel. At the new transfer ratio, we now earn 2.4% miles on transactions. While this is no where close to how the earlier reward rates were, it is still pretty good. This is even better if you have high spends as we earn 7% airmiles on spends above Rs 1.5 Lakh in a calendar month.

Total EDGE RP that can be transferred to partner points in a calendar year is capped to 5 Lakh per customer ID. There is also a group wise sub-capping. We can transfer a maximum of cumulative 1 Lakh EDGE RP to partners in Group A and a maximum of cumulative 4 Lakh EDGE RP to partners in Group B in a calendar year. You can however hold multiple Axis or HDFC cards and then pool those miles into partner accounts.

AU Bank Xcite Ace
GroupTransfer Partner and ProgramConversion Rate
EDGE RP: Partner Miles
BAir India: Flying Returns5:2
AAccor: ALL5:2
BAir Asia: airasia rewards5:2
AAir Canada: Aeroplan5:2
BAir France – KLM: Flying Blue5:2
BAir Vistara: Club Vistara5:2
AEthiopian Airlines: ShebaMiles5:2
AEtihad Airways: Etihad Guest5:2
BIHG Hotels & Resorts: IHG One Rewards5:2
BITC: Club ITC5:2
AJapan Airlines: JAL Mileage Bank5:2
AMarriott International: Marriott Bonvoy5:2
BQantas Airways: Qantas Frequent Flyer5:2
ASingapore Airlines: KrisFlyer5:2
BSpiceJet: SpiceClub5:2
ATurkish Airlines: Miles&Smiles5:2
AThai Airways: Royal Orchid Plus5:2
AUnited Airlines: United MileagePlus5:2
AWyndham Hotels & Resorts: Wyndham Rewards5:2
Axis Bank Magnus Credit Card Review: Transfer Partners

Complimentary Airport Lounge Access

  • Airport Lounge Access in India: Unlimited visits
  • Airport Lounge Access outside India: Unlimited visits

Axis Bank Magnus credit card customers get unlimited international lounge visits with Priority Pass. We also get 4 complimentary guest visits each for domestic and international. But the catch is there is no separate Priority Pass for add-ons like Infinia. The guest access is valid only if the primary card member is accompanying them. Unlimited domestic lounge access (for primary and add-on cardholders) is also available. The access is directly on the Axis Magnus credit card on this list of lounges.

We also have a minimum spends requirement to get complimentary airport lounge access. We now need spends of Rs 50,000 over a rolling period of last 3 calendar months to get complimentary airport lounge access. For example, if you need to access the airport lounge on 10th of March, then you should have spent Rs 50,000 in the period from 1st of December to 28th of February.

Complimentary EazyDiner Prime Membership

EazyDiner Prime Axis Magnus Birthday Benefit

Axis Bank Magnus credit card does not list down EazyDiner Prime membership as a benefit but we get it on this HNI card. EazyDiner Prime is a birthday benefit that was introduced on the Magnus in November 2022. We get the EazyDiner Prime membership automatically on the mobile number that is linked to our credit card around a week before the cardholder’s birthday date. So, if you log into EazyDiner with that mobile number, you will see the Prime membership. No activation code or email required.

EazyDiner Offer on Axis Bank Magnus Credit Card

Axis Bank Dining Delights EazyDiner Offer - Axis Bank Vistara Credit Card

The Axis Bank Magnus credit card also gets access to the Dining Delights offers with EazyDiner.

  • Get 40% off up to Rs 1000 at EazyDiner partner restaurants
  • Valid once per card per month

Final Thoughts

With the new reward rates and Gyftr multiplier devaluations, does the Magnus still make sense? On the positive side, we can still earn a decent airmiles reward rate provided we have high spends. But spending more than Rs 1.5 Lakh may be difficult considering the multiple exclusions. Some of our high spend categories like insurance and utilities are now completely excluded.

Earning airmiles on spends has become a lot more difficult now. But considering the caps and restrictions from different issuers, we now need to diversify spends across multiple credit cards to earn airmiles. So, it would have to be a combination of Axis Atlas and Axis Magnus to earn both EDGE Miles and EDGE RP to consolidate and earn airmiles exceeding the caps. Remember that, the caps are separate for EDGE Miles and EDGE RP.

If you are not into the airmiles game, then there is no point in getting the Magnus. You can just use simple credit cards like SBI Cashback or HSBC Cashback to get direct cashback on your spends.

Axis Bank Magnus Credit Card

Card Maven

Axis Bank My Zone Credit Card LTF
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213 thoughts on “Axis Bank Magnus Credit Card”

  1. Hi
    Should I use this for insurance payments or school fee or Infinite?
    As far as i know there is no cap of insurance for both while the reward rate is higher in infinia

    1. Card Maven

      Cap for insurance transactions on Infinia: 5000 RP per day
      Cap for insurance transactions on Magnus: Max 6000 EDGE RP per transaction

      You can use Magnus if you need it for achieving monthly milestone.

  2. Hello, I have some questions, bro,
    1. Is the max cap 10k limit also applied to Yatra Gift Cards/Gift Vouchers?
    2. I want to buy Kalyan Diamond Jewellery (5X) GIFT VOUCHER with Rs.5L & BIBA (10X) GIFT VOUCHER of Rs.1.5L if I will get (500000*0.06*5=150000 RP)+(150000*0.06*10=90000 RP).
    If my calculation is right or there any limit?
    3. The same as If I buy Reliance Digital Gift Cards of Rs.250000 as I want to buy a MacBook Pro so if I will also get the 5X RP mean 75000 RP?
    That’s All, Thanks In Advance

    1. 1. No, we can buy more than 10K worth of Yatra GV.
      2. No limit on gift edge reward points but there is a limit to how much GV you can buy in a month.

  3. How does Axis Bank define a rent payment? My daughter’s school is using ICICI bank’s easypay for the fees and I’d like to pay with Magnus. Would this be capped?

    If capped, only 50K worth of spend will get counted for 12 RP / 200 Rs spent rewards and be excluded from monthly 1L threshold?

    1. This is as per MCC used by the payment gateway. If you have done this transaction previously, check the statements to see what category is showing up against it.

    2. If i purchase tanishq golden harvest scheme ( basically 1 lakh per month on tanishq scheme, would it be eligible for bonus and normal rewards points

  4. Hello – I just spent 2,40,000 on my Travel EDGE portal for flights and charged it to my Magnus card. How many points will I get?

    Do I get the 5x EDGE without a cap i.e. (2,40,000 / 200) * 60 = 72,0000 RP
    + 1L spend threshold of 25,000 RP
    Total – 97,000 RP

    Am I doing this calculation correctly?

  5. Vishal Kanani

    nice post. just to confirm…
    1. Wallet load won’t accrue RPs and won’t count in spends in monthly and yearly milestones.
    2. Rent will accrue RPs up to 50k transaction per month (is there additional charge by the axis other than the platform charge here?) and won’t count in milestone spends.
    3. Fuel surcharge waiver is for Rs. 400 to 4000 spend. If surcharge is waived, no RPs and vice versa.
    4. Govt transactions accrue RPs and count towards milestone.
    5. Insurance is capped at 1L per spend (not per month here, per transaction, as far as I know.)
    Can’t find one T&C document for regular RP structure, share the link if there is any.

    1. Card Maven

      Yes, this is all correct except point 2. Rent pay will get charged 1%+GST by Axis.

      1. Hey, I just confirmed with the Axis Magnus Customer Care. They are suggesting that the rent payment wouldn’t be eligible for any reward points. Is that true ?

    2. So rent payments will accrue RPs but will not be considered for milestone benefits. so 6percent earn rate for rent payments?

  6. How to apply for Card to Card. Have icici sapphiro 1 year old, 10L credit limit. Will i get approved ? No existing relationship with Axis.

      1. Can you please explain this?

        Do I have to opt for reward points instead of surcharge waiver? Is it a choice between the 2:
        1. Get surcharge waiver OR
        2. Get reward points but pay surcharge

        Kindly clarify.

        1. We cannot opt. It is automatic. Personally, always got the fuel surcharge waiver at all fuel pumps that I have used.

  7. Avnish Burman

    Hi, I have just one doubt about the Axis magnus cardโ€“ if i book an air ticket on their travel edge platform, are the reward points capped at 10k or not? I am looking to book tickets for US which are worth rs 4lc. Does that mean i will earn 120000 points (12/200*400000*5x)

    1. The most recent announcement on affluent cards did not have any mention for insurance transactions. So, it should be as before.

  8. Hi

    Rent and wallet loads will bot be counted towards monthly milestones and fee waiver. But do they accrue regular rewards of 12/200 after the 5th March devaluation implementation?

  9. Hi I found that if you are paying rent from your magnus card bank is declining. Does other see similar issue. Or is there any limit for Rent payment?

  10. Thanks for the insightful article. If I spend around 3 Lac monthly does it mean that I get 25,000 * 3 = 75,000 Bonus Edge points for the month? Or is bonus capped at 25,000 ?

      1. for which transactions it is capped. for e.g if i do travel booking from travel edge wont be i am getting 5x points(no cap)??

  11. So I was able to get add on for my Axis Magnus by applying at branch. However, one thing that really surprised me is that any spends on Add On card would not be counted towards the monthly 1 lakh – 25K Bonus Edge Points quota. Only spends on primary card would be eligible.

      1. Can you please share email address of premium support.

        Also does offline spends have reward points?

    1. Karansinh Sodha

      4) Spends are calculated on card account level, thus spends on both primary and add on cards are considered under this offer.

      Source: axis edge reward terms and condiotion page

  12. First of all, I want to thank you for such an informative post. I have the card, but I never knew about the miles transfer. I thought it was worth it without that but with the transfer, it really takes the cake. Secondly, I was not sure why I was getting only 6k points for a couple of transactions above 1L, but then on reading your responses to comments, I realised that insurance spends are capped to 1L for points. I have a couple of questions too:
    1. Will the entire insurance payment amount be taken to meeting the 15L spend milestone for no renewal charges for next year?
    2. In terms of miles transfer, in your experience, how long does it take to reflect on the other account? I am trying Turkish miles transfer as a sample for the first time, and it says 10 days odd.

      1. Thank you so much. Also, for the 5X, 10X reward points, when do the additional 4X or 9X points show on the statement?

  13. What is the approximate miles to INR conversion ratio when using Travel edge for booking flights? What does the 24.8% miles (On INR 1 lac spending) translate to in INR?

  14. hi
    can the monthly 25k (bonus on 1lakh monthly) spend be transferred to airline partners too in the 4:5 ratio, or not?

    i am also eligible for the Reseve (50k+gst card), but not sure which one to take.


    1. Hi,

      If I load the paytm wallet with approx 60 k (40 k being my bare minimum monthly spends), does that make me eligible for the 1 lac targeted spend, to maximise reward points earned ?
      A) I’m fine with the intial paytm transaction not giving me reward points. More concerned about the 25000 points on 1 lac Spend
      B) I’m fine with the surcharge paytm imposes for credit card transactions.

  15. air asia is not that indian air asia? right?
    is only Air Vistara an option for domestic travel?

    1. Card Maven

      We cannot from Axis statement. It has be done through manual recording in Excel etc.

  16. If I link my HDFC infinia credit card to Google-pay, and pay for govt transactions, will I get reward points? or will I atleast bypass the additional credit card gateway fees?

  17. are the 8 meet and greet services counted between January – December cycle or as per card issuance data

  18. Hi Maven, you have mentioned that Jewellery transactions donโ€™t receive any Edge Reward points. Could you please share a link for that? I am unable to find this anywhere.

    1. Hi Zubin. Reconfirmed this. No official exclusion for jewelry spending. It was just a part of the bonus EDGE Rewards offer document.

      The post is also updated to show this.

      1. Hi Maven, Wonderful review. Just one question. Will the Magnus makes sense for someone who is not going to do much of air travel and not interested in the miles game. Thanks in advance.

        1. Yes, you still get a GV reward rate of up to 6.2% with milestone rewards on normal spends. Gyftr gives you much more.

  19. Monthly rewards based on Calender month expenditure or billing cycle expenditure?
    And suppose i have activated my card today from when I will eligible for monthly reward scheme

    1. Card Maven

      Calendar Month

      As per current rules on the website, it is from the next calendar month after the card is issued.

    2. thank you for reply..I also have two queries
      1. I own two premium credit card Diners LTF and axis magnus. And my monthly expenditure is arround 120000 rs including monthly rent.
      Please suggest how should I use my card to get maximum benefits.
      2. Does paytm wallet addition through Zomato also earn edge reward points in axis card

  20. I booked flights using travel edge but did not receive 5x points. I have received only normal points. May I know the reason?

    1. Card Maven

      It takes some time for those to be credited. There is not set timeline but you should see the bonus points credit soon.

  21. I got my card in September and have done >1L spends in Oct and Nov … But I haven’t received the 25k bonus points yet. Do I need to followup with CC support team or is it not credited for anyone yet for Oct/Nov. By when do they typically post the bonus points. thanks

  22. Hi..Thanks for the Great article !!

    Can you please guide me for following

    1.can we book any class of tickets using airmiles (air asia/Singapore airlines,etc.)

    2.Can we book tickets on any name (other than card holders) by using miles

    3.Is there any Validity for airmiles

    I am totally new to airmiles game and your expertise is required for clear understanding

    1. 1. Yes
      2. Yes with some restrictions on some of the programs
      3. Yes, it is program specific

      1. Thanks for the clarification.

        Can you elaborate a bit more on the date validity and booking for family members restrictions.
        So if I have accumulated Axis Reward Points, what is more advisable to do , in a situation where I don’t have any travel plans in the near future.

        Transfer to KrisFlyer or TurkishAir and keep.
        Or leave it running in Axis itself , risk being the 5:4 may reduce without notice.
        Or How about Marriott (they have hotels across the globe) – is this optimum usage of points vs tariffs on travel websites like MMT Trivago Booking etc ?

        Transfering to Airlines or Hotels seems far more efficient than Statement Credit / Travel redemption / Travel voucher. A No brainer – correct me or please explain how it might be beneficial to someone.

        If I am spending 70k on rent (via NoBroker/Housing or Cred) + 40k per month on Electricity via respective EB board website payment gateway. I will be eligibile for points right ?
        Axis has a cap of 50k for rent reward points , but I should qualify for >1L milestone points with above ?

        Thanks for such a clear and informative post.

        1. The expiry date for EDGE Rewards is 3 years. The expiry for miles depends on the FFP rules.

          I would suggest transferring the EDGE Rewards to an FFP.

          Marriott is revising its points requirements next year. So, we will be able to know the value then. As of now, it is a decent value to transfer points to Marriott Bonvoy compared to redeeming EDGE RP for vouchers.

          Yes, as of now above spends will get regular + milestone points.

  23. are forex buying using magnus is treated as widrwal. Will this be counted in 1 lac monhly milestone spend?

  24. Hi Sir!

    Whenever i am trying to book 2 tickets using Miles in the Turkish Airlines i am getting a error which states “The first award ticket can only be issued under your name. If you want to have it issued for a loved one, please contact the nearest sales office.”
    Can you please let me know what does this mean and how i can book 2 tickets using Miles?
    Thanx in Advance

    1. This is a known issue for many especially if this is your first redemption.

      You can contact their call center and they will do it for you.

  25. I have paid insurance on 29th Nov. Will i get 25k bonus points. My card was issued in Oct.

  26. Hi,
    Such a nice informative post!!

    Got this card after reading about the latest point transfer plans.

    Had applied for this card on 20th Nov and got it on 25th Nov. That was some speed of processing.

    Already having Infinia, Amex travel, amazon pay, axis vistara infinite.

    Aiming to score a business class return tickets in 12-18 months time frame.

    Have some basic queries (apologise if something is repetitive)

    1.The milestone benefits are counted for transactions in between statement generation date of one month to statement generation date of other month or it is counted from 1st to 30th/31st of every month. Have my wedding in Jan, so planning to use this card for 2-3 transactions and earn around 60000 points.

    2.My card was approve on 25th nov. The expiry date month on the card is also 11. So if I spend 1lac+ from Dec 1st to Dec 31st, will I be able to earn 25k points.
    Had read that as a thumb rule, we should add one month to the expiry date month and from that month the milestone benefit is applicable.
    Was wanting to revalidate that.

    3. Out of context, does some one here has any idea about yaper. Have seen few youtube live of their founders. would like to get the take of the author and feloow members

    1. Card Maven

      Congratulations on getting the Magnus. ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. Calendar month
      2. Yes, you should get 25K for December spending
      3. Avoid Yaper app usage

  27. Hi
    Very well written article. Have got couple of questions:

    1. You have written we get 15 points for every rs200 spent, and they can be converted 5:4 to various airline miles, is there any upper limit on monthly point we can transfer to the various airline partners?

    2.Is there any age limit to apply for the card, I was thinking to apply for my dad who is 65.

    3.Can you explain on the 1 lakh/month spend and get 25k bonus points thing? Is it recurring month after month, or one time offer?

    4.I have monthly insurance expense (non emi) of Rs.2lakh due to my factory cover, will that also earn points at 15points/Rs.200?

    5. Last question, slightly unrelated (but related question ๐Ÿ™‚ Is Axis Private card open for all who meet the criteria, or only in house existing customers?

    6.I already have Axis Vistara Infinite, with 3L+ limit, if I apply for Magnus/private (and approved) will I get new-standalone limit or the old limit will be shared by the new cards too?

    1. 1. It is 12 RP/Rs 200 not 15 RP/Rs 200 for Magnus. No cap on transfers.
      2. The upper age limit for eligibility is 70 years.
      3. Every calendar month
      4. Only insurance spends up to Rs 1 Lakh will get rewards.
      5. Burgundy Private? You can get it through RM if you have a Burgundy account.
      6. If you apply online, same 3L+ shared limit. If you apply via C2C, they match the limit in most cases. So, if you get 10L on the new card, 3+ will be shared with other cards and this will have another 7L to spend.

      1. I did a transaction yesterday for marks and spencer edge reward points. How many days will it take for the 45x reward points to be credited?

  28. Hi Mate ,

    It is really nice looking at your blog here and i really like how simple you have mentioned details. I have few details to ask if you can answer.

    1) Confirming -> There is no monthly cap for reward points on travel edge for example , i will get 5X points spend on travel edge i have one flight to book which cost me RS 4 lac , so per 1 lac its 6,000 points so for 4 lac it comes around 24000 and 5x means 1,20,000 EDGE POINTS and 25,000 extra bonus point so total comes around 1,45,000 is that correct understanding ?

    2) Lets say i have got the card on 25th Nov today only , and i have used 1 lac by 30th Nov 2022 , will i eligible for both the points ? and from 1st december 2022 i will start my new spending so will get maximum use of the points.

    3) Lets say i have purchased 10x vouchers from , is there any reward capped ?

    Thank you so much in advance , Looking forward hearing from you

    1. Card Maven

      Always happy to help ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. Yes
      2. As per the 25K milestone T&C, it will be valid only from December 2022. But some have got it for the 1st month as well. If it does not work, Axis will not help as they have mentioned in T&C. So, would advise using it only in Dec.
      3. No as per Axis Bank customer care. It is also mentioned on the Gyftr portal.

  29. It seems intermiles conversion results in 1 point = 0.5 rs return. So for 10,000 points you can buy 5000 rs flights. But is there any quota while booking flights with intermiles. Want to avoid situation that intermiles point cant be used to book because of no seats

  30. does marriot bonvoy hotel booking via paoints include breakfast? Or should i convert points to intermiles?

  31. Ashish Nimodia

    Does the insurance transaction qualify complete or only till this month emi amount for 25k regards limits for axis magnus on spends.

      1. insurance means, car insurance premium as well not counted for milestone? and rewards?

  32. Hi! Thanks for a great review. I hold a magnus card and wanted to understand point capping on grabdeals and gyftr.
    For grabdeals, I think the website mentions maximum 10000 edge rewards as cap.
    For gyftr, I don’t see any cap.

    My question is, can we earn more than 10000 edge rewards through gyftr?
    Has anyone tried it?

    1. Card Maven

      We will get to know in a few months as there is 90-120 days timeline for the bonus points.

      1. Hi,

        Were you able to ascertain whether we have any capping on giftedge portal for earning edge reward points in any month?

        If yes is the capping on calendar month cycle or on billing month cycle

  33. I just received an email regarding dining delights birthday offer for my Magnus card (started from 1st Oct 2022) which gives you 1 year EazyDiner prime along 50% off at restaurants upto Rs 3000 plus free cake/dessert in your birthday week.

    1. How to get this offer as my bithday is next week but did not get any such mail/call by the bank?

  34. I had certain doubts regarding axis magnus. If you could please help.
    1) is ulip insurance premium included in spendings for bonus and reward consideration
    2) Is there a cap on the reward points you can recieve per month or that you can spend per month?
    3) If we do not spend the reward points, is it converted into cash after some point?

    1. Card Maven

      Hi Yash,

      1. Yes
      2. No cap except on rent and insurance transactions
      3. No cash redemption option

      1. Thanks for the quick reply. Extremely helpful.
        Just a quick question to that, supposing i paid 6 insurance premiums of 50k each month, would there be a cap to the points i recieve?

        1. Great review which also helps in how to better utilise the card.

          It seems like the air miles offer is quite good.

          However are there any limitations how and in whose names the tickets can be purchased?

          So for example if I load Paytm with 1 lakh in a month i will get around 25k points. These can be used for 20k miles. So 1 mile is equal to 1 rupees? If not what is the conversion rate?

          The initial 10k flight ticket is for 1 ticket or i can use it to buy n tickets and pay extra amount?

          Also can I buy tickets in anyone’s name?

          1. Wallet loads are excluded from rewards for the Magnus. Yes, you can buy tickets for others using miles.

            The 10K is for a one-way ticket. But, would suggest using the Tata CLiQ voucher in place of that.

  35. Are Rent Payments counted in the 1 Lac milestone? If I have 80k spends and 20k rent payment via card, will I get the 25k edge points?

      1. Is it possible to pay rent via redgiraffe on this? I haven’t been able to figure out how…

    1. Card Maven

      Avoid directly adding to Amazon Money as it may get tagged as a wallet transaction. Buy GVs from Gyftr, Woohoo, and add.

  36. My experience of meet and greet service at Delhi airport.

    Got a call 2 hours prior to the flight from the executive to meet at Gate no 1. When I reached the porter and executive took the bags from the cab and did the check-in. No priority check-in or security. The only good thing is he got me seats in the first row with great space.

  37. Have you ever received accelerated edge points on grab deals even once? Not a single person in my circle (12-13 people) who own Magnus card received it even for February spends.

  38. Hii
    I am using the Magnus card
    And used 5x flipkart on grabdeals
    How will I know that itโ€™s gone through
    As I have not received any message regarding grabdeals confirmation
    And what are the best ways to make sure that my grabdeals transaction is taken up by the system

    1. Some receive the confirmation SMS and many do not. So, the only way to know is to wait 90-120 days for the transaction to be processed for bonus EDGE rewards.

      Disable any privacy/ad blocker extensions on your browser. And ensure you have nothing in your cart before you click through from the Axis Bank Grab Deals link. Or, another option is to use browser incognito mode.

  39. Hi,
    Could you pls share the document where it is mentioned that jewellery spends are excluded?
    I could not find it anywhere. Would be great if you could share it.

      1. Yea I saw jewellery in 3x edge rewards offer doc but couldnt find it anywhere else for milestone.
        I had one more doubt.
        Suppose I book flights worth 200000 then will I get 200000*6% *5 = 60000 edgerewards and plus the 25000 bonus so 85000? or is there some limit?

        1. Card Maven

          For the 1L monthly milestone, only wallet spends are excluded. Everything else is eligible.

          Yes, no limit on Travel Edge. So, you will get 6% plus 25K EDGE Rewards for meeting the 1L milestone.

          1. Can you again clarify is it 6% of 30% rp for 200,000 expense on Travel Edge?

          2. Card Maven

            5X EDGE RP or 60 EDGE RP/Rs 200. The value of the RP differs based on whether you want to redeem for vouchers or transfer to miles.

  40. Hi,

    Milestone benefit (25K RP) counts from 1st to last day of every month?
    please let me know my understanding is correct or not?

      1. Hi Bro , one more question, i brought some gift vouchers (more and swiggy) in PAYTM, hope magnus system will not treat these are wallet loads? can you please confirm?

        1. Card Maven

          It depends on the MCC. Difficult to know that. But you can check purchase category in the statement.

          1. Thanks for the reply,

            in statement it mentioned like this
            PAYTM ECOMMERCENOIDAIN CLOTH STORES, so any idea how system treats this?

          2. Yes, you may get the points. What is the purchase category shown on the card statement?

  41. Hi,
    I hold Axis Magnus, Axis Vistara Infinite & HDFC Infinia cards. I have an upcoming International flight booking on Vistara network worth over 1 lakh and upcoming international hotel booking worth over 1 lakh too.
    Which card should I use to book to maximise rewards ?

    1. I would suggest splitting between Magnus and Infinia. You will hit Magnus milestone with Rs 1 Lakh spend. Then for the second booking, you can choose Travel Edge or Smartbuy based on where you get a better benefit. Or if possible, use the Magnus in two different calendar months for two milestone rewards.

      1. Hi is there any cards for airport meet greet service for international airports like KUWAIT. need for a transit

      2. Do we get milestone benefit if we spend more than 1 lac on travel edge portal as we already get accelrated points on that. will i get 25000(mile stone benefit)+30000(accelrated points on travel edge)

  42. I have HDFC Infinia, Axis Magnus and Axis Vistara Infinite. I have an upcoming international flight booking for over 1 lakh and hotel bookings for around 1 lakh. Which card should be used and where ?

  43. Is the limit of 10k edge rewards per account or per card? On some links its per card and on some per account.

  44. Ashutosh Poddar

    I want to know is their any capping 5X points on booking flights/hotel from travel edge.

    Suppose I book flight/hotel for 1.5 lakh in a month then will I get 45000 points for the same apart from monthly accelerated bonus or is their any capping on maximum points like 10000 points on shopping via grab deals.

      1. Hi. Where is it mentioned that there is no rewards on jewellery? I couldn’t find this info anywhere. They consider fuel and jewellery right? Only wallet spends not considered.

  45. Hi
    I got my magnus card yesterday. Does it make sense to buy makemytrip hotel voucher for adding to wallet balance when booking hotel via MTM. I mean buy the mmt voucher from axis gyftr?

    1. Unless you have any other bank-specific offer on MMT, may be Yes. Also, check Axis Travel Edge for hotels.

  46. Do meet and greet service actually help in priority security or check in or it is just porter service at airport

    1. Card Maven

      They do help in priority check in and security as well. It all depends on the airport.

  47. Applied for the card. Waiting for delivery.

    1.What is the minimum credit limit of this card?
    2.Most websites have 1,5% mdr on cc payment for rent. Which platform is the cheapest for paying rent?
    3. Are the grab deals as good as smartbuy?

    1. Card Maven

      1. Supposed to be 3 Lakhs but Axis also issues with a lower limit in some cases.
      2. Try MagicBricks
      3. Though there are more partners, I still find Grab Deals not so useful.

  48. Ashutosh Poddar

    I had recently got Axis Magnus Card, have few queries

    1. Is their any capping on edge points on mothly spent on flight ticket at travel edge portal, if I spend 50000 on flights will I get 15000 points or is their capping of 10000

    2. Is their any clarity on capping on single transaction of 1 lakh of 6000 pts or capping applies on some type of transactions only.

      1. Abhinav Bhat

        Hi, thanks for this instructive review.

        I wanted to understand what’s the capping for rental transactions. eg if I spend 1l per month on rent, will I get the regular 6k reward points and the 25k milestone benefits?

          1. Abhinav Bhat

            Got it. But if I’m spending 1 lakh per month on rent, that still counts for the milestone benefits, right?

      2. Ashutosh Poddar

        Axis Bank Customercare told that 1 lakh capping applies to Rent and Insurance also. Can u clarify whether capping applies to Insurance transaction also upto 1 lakh ie.6000 points

        1. Card Maven

          There is no such capping disclosed for the Magnus till. I am not sure from where customer care is getting this info.

          We have only one restriction – Only rent payments up to Rs 50000 will get EDGE Rewards.

          1. Which website do you suggest for Rent payments? And will rent payments count towards the 1 lac spend and edge points?


          2. The customer care mentioned the same. Rent, Fuel and wallet spends are not considered for the milestone benefits. When asked for the mention of it in T&C they had no response.

          3. Sharad Kumar Ramesh

            Hello, I had a doubt with the 8 complimentary lounge visits for guests of the card holder. Is this limit of 8, on a calendar year basis or financial year basis?

  49. The unlimited domestic lounge access is for both the primary and add-on card holders. You might wanna check that. Cheers

    1. Card Maven

      Hi Krishna – Have you tried it? If yes, which variant Visa or MC. As per Axis Bank, unlimited access for add-on cards was valid till March 2022.

      1. Yes unlimited lounge access is for both primary and addon. I have MasterCard variant, tried in July 2022.

  50. As per your excel it’s not worth if Spends less than 1L, so whats your suggestion for a person who travels rare, like literally 1 or 2 times in 2 years and spends less than 1L?

    Also, any shortcut to apply this card for existing credit card holder, since they’re not taking requests through phone/chat, without hitting Cibil enquiry?

    1. Card Maven

      Yes, if you are not into miles transfer. For 1-2 times, you can just use the credit card with the best offers on the OTA apps. ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. Thanks for the response.

        How to apply Axis card now without fresh application, is there any way after new RBI rules said by Customer support?

        1. Try emailing them through their Support link. If it does not work, then apply online. CIBIL inquiries do not matter much over the longer time frame.

  51. They also have an upto 10x offer going on for buying gift vouchers.

    So if I buy 1 lakh of Kalyan jewellers gift vouchers, would I receive 60000 RP which would be 48000 Air miles? Is that for real? Are there any capping or so?

    1. Card Maven

      There is a cap of 10000 bonus EDGE RP per month for Grab Deals. It would be applicable for Instant Vouchers also.

  52. thanks for the detailed review. A couple of quick questions. Do we earn RPs on insurance payments? If not, do they at least count for the milestone of 1 lac for 25k points?

  53. What is the card the variant ?
    Website shows master card image and Rs 25 for domestic lounge access.

    1. Card Maven

      Axis Magnus was released on the Mastercard platform but switched to Visa Infinite because of the RBI ban. Charges will be Rs 2 for Visa variant and Rs 25 for Mastercard variants.

      1. Thanks CARD MAVEN.
        If I apply for Magnus card today, will I get Visa variant or Master Card Variant ?

  54. Very well compiled article !
    Just to clarify, we get reward points for rent payments made via Magicbricks / Redgiraffe also correct?
    So if I am paying a rent of about 1.5 L every month, I will get the milestone benefit of 25k edge rewards plus the regular rewards?

      1. Rent payment on Magnus card has capping of 50000 a month.

        But perhaps for milestone benefit there is no cap

  55. Yash Jhaveri

    When travelling with 4 people and using meet and greet serviceโ€ฆ does it count as 1 service used or 4 service used out of the total 8 available

  56. Well written article! I got a Magnus basis your post.
    Later found out a limitation on this card so thought to let know you a ‘hidden’ T&C.
    You’ll only receive maximum of 6000 edge reward points per transaction on this card, that means transaction limit of โ‚น1,00,000.
    E.g. if you make a transaction of โ‚น1,50,000 you’ll be credited with 6000 reward points instead of 9,000.

    1. i have spend 10855 and i got 6048 reward points . i don’t know if what you are saying is applicable to any specific transaction ?

    2. Rushabh Shah

      This is applicable on payment of lic renewals, insurance etc etc.. i dont think any bank also hdfc dont give reward points on lic payment.

      1. HDFC does give reward points capped at 5000 RP per day for Infinia, implying max transaction of 150000

  57. Hi,

    Great writeup! Thanks a lot for this post. I have a couple of questions:

    1. Is there any UI to view all EDGE Reward Points with category breakup? The card monthly statement does mention “Merchant Category” but no breakup of the points earned.

    2. Is there a way to apply for Add-On card via app or netbanking w/o talking to customer care? I couldn’t find that option.

    1. Hi Jatin,

      Thank you!

      1. We can see EDGE Reward Points earned per transaction on the EDGE Rewards Portal at

      Log in with Axis Netbanking credentials and go to Profile (person icon on top). Scroll down to ‘My Linked Accounts’ and click on ‘Know More’ against the credit card. It will show you the complete details for each transaction.

      2. Add-on cards are temporarily stopped by Axis Bank while they resolve some issues. We should see it back soon.


      1. I have received add on card after a long wait. You need to meet your RM and fill an offline form for the same.

  58. Axis Magnus has meet and greet service.. Have u tried this service as there is lot of complaints about this.. Also heard that suppose if u are family of 4 people then all 4 would be counted for complementary acces what u get.. is it true

    1. I got the card recently. Did not get a chance to try it out yet as I am avoiding unnecessary travel.

      For the second question, yes. All 4 would get counted against the total of 8 visits.

      1. Jampana raju

        Hai. I have spent more than one lakh on June month and bill is generated on July. But till now bonus points are credited??
        May i know when will this bonus points be credited

    2. hey just applied for this card, waiting for delivery. is this a metal card? if yes, than this will be my first metal card. ๐Ÿ˜

        1. Applied c2c in offline. Used my Millenia cc 8 months old with 3.8 lakhs limit. Got it aprooved in 3 working days. Credit limit received is 3 lakhs. From Hyderabad and don’t have existing axis relationship.

          1. Sai Eaaswer

            Hi Ranjeet,

            From starting onwards you are having 3.8L limit on Millenia? or you got limit ehancement?

            Thanks in advance

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