Axis Excludes Rental Transactions for Milestone and Annual Fee Waiver

Axis Bank No EDGE Rewards on Rent, Utilities, Education

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Axis Bank has a new announcement for EDGE Rewards. This time it for excluding few spends from milestone benefits and annual fee waiver. Axis Bank will not include rent and wallet spends for milestone and annual fee waiver benefits anymore. These changes are effective from 5th March, 2023. Here is everything you need to know about these new rules.

Rent and Wallet Excluded for Milestone Benefits

Magnus has been a very popular credit card for some time now with its 25K EDGE Rewards on Rs 1 Lakh monthly spend. Wallet spends were already excluded for milestone benefits. The rent payment exclusion will make it difficult for users to meet the milestone target.

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Rent and Wallet Excluded for Annual Fee Reversal

  • Rent and Wallet payments will not be counted as eligible spends for annual fee reversal as well
  • Affected credit cards: Privilege, Select, Pride Platinum, Pride Signature, Titanium, Platinum, IndianOil Axis, Magnus and Reserve
  • The transactions for this exclusion will be identified through the MCC: 6513 for Rent and 6540 for Wallet

If you were looking to meet the annual fee waiver through rent payments, even that is gone now.

Surcharge on Rent Payments

We will now have to pay a surcharge fee of 1% plus GST on each rental transaction. This is capped at max Rs 1500 per transaction. However, we continue to get regular EDGE rewards on rental payment on Magnus and Reserve subject to the earlier cap.

Final Thoughts

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Right now, Magnus and Reserve are lucrative cards for accumulating miles and hotel points. Magnus’s 25K EDGE RP milestone has caught the attention of many card enthusiasts. These exclusions will now ensure that the 25K EDGE RP benefit stays on for a little longer.

We had an earlier update from Axis Bank where it did a harsh devaluation by stopping EDGE RP for many more categories on its other EDGE Rewards cards. Considering that, Magnus and Reserve are still better off.

If you hold any of the cards where rewards are being discontinued on the above categories, then it is time to move. SC Ultimate is an ideal fit as it gives uncapped 3.3% rewards on all spends be it rent or education or utilities. So, less stress on whether a spend will give you rewards or not.

For more details on this change from Axis Bank, here is the official announcement.

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19 thoughts on “Axis Excludes Rental Transactions for Milestone and Annual Fee Waiver”

  1. Shubham Jain

    Since this change announced for rental transactions will be applicable from 5th March, what about the rental transactions done in 1st-5th March? Will they be considered for March monthly milestone benefits on Magnus card?

  2. Can anyone give insights on the MCC for Education fees payments through variuos platforms? Will such payment still be counted for milestone benefits and rewards points accural on Axis Magnus cards?

    1. Yes, at the moment such payments will still count for RP and milestone benefits. Education payments use a different MCC than rental spends.

  3. Hi Everyone
    Is there any capping on edge reward points if I buy gift card througj giftedge portal of Axis Bank

  4. Hi Everyone
    School payment made through paytm payment gateway will be considered as wallet transaction .

  5. Shubham Jain

    A slightly unrelated question. Is there a monthly limit on bonus points that we can earn on Axis GiftEdge (gyftr) portal?

    I see 10000 per month limit mentioned somewhere but not really sure.

    1. Card Maven

      We can call the customer care after a transaction and check it. It works in some cases.

  6. The document clearly states that the rule is applicable for Magnus and Vistara (all varients). I hold magnus and vistara infinite. I think i will surrender both cards. Can touch the milestone benefits with the rental payments excluded.

  7. Hi
    A post on which cards allow which transactions would be good. It’s getting confusing to identify which cards can be used for insurance, rent, wallets, fuel etc.

    1. That would be a rather difficult task considering how fast things keep changing. 🙂

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