Bank of Baroda (BoB) Lifetime Free Credit Card (LTF) Offer

BoB LTF Offer

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Bank of Baroda (BoB) is running a limited-time offer to get Lifetime Free (LTF) credit cards. No joining fees or annual fees and the best part – no spend-based conditions as well. Here are the offer details:

Bank of Baroda (BoB) Lifetime Free (LTF) Credit Card Offer

OfferNo joining fees and no annual fees on Bank of Baroda credit cards – LTF credit cards.
Validity31st March 2023
Card VariantsLTF offer is applicable for Easy, Select and Premier

Is it really Lifetime Free?

While there is no banner on BoB’s website to notify of this offer, it is still valid. We need to go to the card information pages to check it from a desktop or laptop browser. It is not visible on mobile devices. Below is a sample screenshot from BoB Premier’s page.

LTF IndusInd Bank Credit Cards

This has also been confirmed by their Twitter handle in some responses.

Which credit card should you get?

Bank of Baroda BoB Premier Credit Card Review
LTF IDFC First Bank Credit Cards

This is a good offer from BoB as there are no spend-based conditions to make credit cards LTF. The best rewarding credit card Eterna is not available as LTF. But, we have other options in Easy, Select and Premier credit cards.

We would recommend getting the Premier variant with this LTF offer. BoB will soon be available as a supported issuer for Rupay on UPI with BHIM. So, you can get a Rupay variant to take advantage of that.

Axis Bank Neo Credit Card LTF
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21 thoughts on “Bank of Baroda (BoB) Lifetime Free Credit Card (LTF) Offer”

  1. I have received the BoB Premier credit card (Rupay variant). I have applied for this card in the Lifetimee free (LTF) offer being provided by the bank. However in the welcome brochure, annual fees payment and related waive off conditions are mentioned. Kindly help on hjow to get it rectified.

    1. You can confirm that it is LTF by writing to customer care. They are still using the old literature which has the fee in it.

  2. I am trying to apply premier card, it says LTF in website but while eSign, in application for it’s showing as ₹1000.
    Can someone confirm this please whether it’s still LFT

  3. I followed your link and ended up applying for the Eterna card 🙂

    The application process was very smooth and completely digital. I could even download my completely filled in application form! However it is only now that I came to know that BoB is terrible with their application processing. So now sitting back to wait for a couple of months.

    1. Awesome. Yes, they are slow when it comes to processing applications. So, we need to be little patient. 🙂

    2. Similar experience, very slow in application processing. I have tried to reach their customer care number today to enquire about my application status. Call is keep getting disconnected saying they have too much of call volume. Frustrating experience.

      1. One more update. At the time of application, I have uploaded all the documents like Bank statement, photograph etc..Today when I enquired about the application status (after 5 days of submitting the application), customer care rep told me that again I have to send all the documents to [email protected] through mail and this step is mandatory. Why there is no mail from BOB asking to submit the documents through mail? I get to know about this only when I called customer care.

        1. After the documents submission through mail, they have replied me back asking for ITR document. I have submitted the same.

          3 days later, verification person has visited my home. I heard that next step is that someone will visit my office.

          1. I have received the BOB Premier RuPay variant card today. Application date to credit card receiving date duration is close to 1 month.

            Credit limit 2.5 lakhs. I would like to thank the admin of this website for informative article about the LTF offer/Rupay, which triggered me to apply for the card.

  4. Is it truly LTF or the spend conditions will still apply. Although it says LTF the spend conditions are not striked out like the charges.

    1. any confirmation on this? are spend conditions applicable for fee waiver because they’re not striked off?

  5. Sarvajit Sankar

    How to get the rupay variant though? I went through entire process and there was no mention of variant selection!

    1. You can email them after your approval to issue the Rupay variant. Else, you can always wait till you get the card and email them to swap from Visa to Rupay as required.

  6. Didn’t find any LTF mention on website. Please add the official source in the article.

    1. Hi Sreekanth – Please check the individual card info pages. You will see the Lifetime Free stamp on that. View it from a laptop or desktop, it is not visible on mobile devices.

      We have also added some more content to this article to show the details of the offer. Hope it helps.

      1. You are right. The LTF is shown on desktop browsers and also during application. Thank you.

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