Best Rent Payment by Credit Card Offers (November 2022)

Our monthly rents are usually a significant part of expenses. So, it makes sense to use credit cards for this as we can earn reward points and also qualify for spending milestones. Here are the best offers available to pay rent with a credit card and earn reward points/cashback.

Also, do check out the best credit cards to use for paying rent.

LTF IndusInd Bank Credit Cards

PayZapp and Magicbricks NoBroker Offer

Magicbricks and NoBroker have an offer on paying rent through PayZapp. The cashback on this offer has now gone down to Rs 75 which is quite low. The only plus is the card rewards at 3.3% for HDFC Bank Infinia and DCB credit cards.

  • Offer: Rs 75 cashback on PayZapp rent payments
  • Minimum Rent: Rs 25000
  • Convenience Fee: 1%
  • Validity: 1st – 31st November 2022
  • Pay through PayZapp wallet or HDFC Bank credit cards linked to Payzapp

PayZapp RedGirraffe Offer

Get Rs 100 cashback on RedGirraffe rent payments with this PayZapp offer.

  • Offer: Flat Rs 100 cashback
  • Minimum Rent Payment: Rs 15000
  • Maximum Cashback: Rs 100
  • Promo Code: RENT

My View

Except for RedGirraffeMagicBricks, most service providers charge a convenience fee of upwards of 1%. This may seem to be an extra cost, but credit cards compensate for this through rewards. With this extra cost negated, paying rent by credit card is an excellent way to manage monthly cash flows. Plus, extra card rewards and credit card fee waivers also become easy to achieve.

LTF IDFC First Bank Credit Cards Axis Bank My Zone Credit Card LTF
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15 thoughts on “Best Rent Payment by Credit Card Offers (November 2022)”

  1. BOB Card transactions on Nobroker are failing post entering the OTP Number. Tried with BOB Eterna Cards. Anyone able to make the payment successfully using nobroker + BOB.

  2. On Nobroker BOB Eterna cards are not giving instant 250Discount. I tried with Premier cards and it gives instant 250 discount, but Eterna it didn’t recognize it as BOB card.

      1. I’m also facing the same issue. Mine is newly sourced Eterna Visa variant. Any suggestions?!!

        1. Card Maven

          This might be because BoB is yet to update the bin numbers for offers. Please follow up with BoB and Nodal Officer to get the BIN numbers of VISA variant added so that offers can be used.

          1. If that is the case, BOB specific offers on other websites also should not be available. But I’ve availed BOB specific offers on Ease my trip, Zomato, etc.
            I guess its No Broker specific issue

    1. Issue fixed now.. tried paying with my new Eterna – Visa Infinite card,, instant discount applied automatically…

      1. Also, create an article on best credit cards for salaried individuals who spend most on e-commerce sites. Eligibility is not a concern.

  3. Cred fees is mentioned as 1% above. Isn’t it 1.55%. The app currently shows a 25% discount on fees on using cred points, so it come down to 1.16%.
    I received the Axis mail on cashback but the Cred app doesn’t show either Axis or Mastercard offer. Is Cred targeting it for specific users.
    There used to be nice 300 instant discount on Bob cards on cred, but seems that is gone for March 🙁

    1. Card Maven

      It seems to vary for users. I am getting on 40% discount on the service fees. So, effective 60% of 1.55% which comes to 0.93%. I had rounded up and marked it as 1% to keep it simple.

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