Club Vistara SBI Card PRIME

Club Vistara SBI Card PRIME Review


Joining Fee: Rs 2999+GST
Annual Fee: Rs 2999+GST


Airmiles, Co-Branded

Reward Rate

1.6% to 5.6%



Issued On



Milestone Rewards, Domestic Airport Lounge Access, International Airport Lounge Access

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The Club Vistara SBI Card PRIME is one of the best Vistara credit cards in the market today. Between all the rewards, miles, and cashback an airline credit card can be a better fit for domestic travelers who don’t want complete Airmiles redemptions. While we have co-branded cards for most airlines, Vistara cards are much better in rewards. As of now, Vistara has co-branded cards with Axis Bank and SBI Card. In this article, we review one of the Vistara co-branded cards – the Club Vistara SBI Card PRIME. This is a higher variant of the base Club Vistara SBI Card.

Fees and Charges

Joining FeeRs 2999+GST
Welcome Benefit1 Complimentary Premium Economy Ticket

3000 CV points on spending Rs 75000 within 90 days
Annual FeeRs 2999+GST
Annual Fee WaiverNone
Renewal Benefit1 Complimentary Premium Economy Ticket
Club Vistara StatusSilver
Club Vistara SBI Card PRIME Review: Fees and Charges

The complimentary premium economy ticket is worth more than the joining fee. We are valuing the complimentary premium economy ticket for at least Rs 5500. It can of course be even higher depending on the route and time of booking.

LTF IndusInd Bank Credit Cards

Considering the welcome and renewal benefit, the Club Vistara SBI Card PRIME card pays us to hold it even if we do not make any spending on it. Effectively, we get more benefits than the fee we pay.


  • All Spends: 4 Club Vistara(CV) points per Rs 200 ~ 1.6% Return
  • 9 CV points per Rs 100 spent on Vistara flights (with the complimentary Club Vistara Silver membership)

We are valuing 1 CV point at 80 paise in this case. But in extreme cases, we can get a value higher than Rs 1 as well or a value of 60 paise too.

Milestone Rewards

Club Vistara SBI Card PRIME Review Premium Economy
Vistara Premium Economy Class (Source: Vistara Website)
LTF IDFC First Bank Credit Cards

The main feature of all Vistara co-branded cards is the milestone benefit. We get 4 premium economy tickets and a hotel stay gift voucher for spending Rs 8 Lakhs in a year. The value of these premium economy tickets increases when we are booking closer to the travel date.

Spend MilestoneReward
Rs 1.5 Lakhs1 Premium Economy Ticket
Rs 3 Lakhs1 Premium Economy Ticket
Rs 4.5 Lakhs1 Premium Economy Ticket
Rs 8 Lakhs1 Premium Economy Ticket
Rs 10000 Yatra Hotels Gift Voucher
Club Vistara SBI Card Prime: Milestone Benefits

Club Vistara SBI Card PRIME offers a 5.6% return on spends

  • Approximate value of one premium economy ticket: Rs 5500 as we need to pay approximately Rs 1000 as redemption charges towards fuel and surcharges.
  • Total value of 4 premium economy tickets: Rs 22000
  • Value of Yatra Hotel Gift Vouchers: Rs 10000
  • CV Points on Rs 8 Lakhs spend: 16000 (excluding Vistara spends)
  • Total Return: 16000 CV points ~Rs 12800 + Rs 22000 as Economy Tickets + Rs 10000 Yatra Hotels GV = Rs 44800 ~5.6% Return on Rs 8 Lakh spending

The 16000 CV points alone can get you a Bengaluru to New Delhi Premium Economy ticket. Check the Vistara award chart for many other options. The challenge here will be booking the award ticket as Vistara cards are a bit too popular.

Club Vistara Silver Privileges and Benefits

The Club Vistara SBI Card PRIME offers Silver status for as long as we hold the card. This status comes with its own set of benefits that we can use when flying on Vistara.

  • Earn 9 Club Vistara Points for every Rs 100 spent on Vistara flights base fare
  • Extra 5 Kg baggage allowance
  • 1 class upgrade voucher on Tier Renewal

Complimentary Airport Lounge Access

  • Domestic Airport Lounge Access in India: 2 complimentary visits per quarter with Mastercard
  • International Airport Lounge Access outside India: 4 complimentary visits per calendar year (maximum 2 per quarter) with Priority Pass.

Free Cancellation on Vistara Flights

Club Vistara SBI Card PRIME offers free cancellation on Vistara tickets booked with it

AU Bank Xcite Ace
  • In case of a refundable ticket, the insurance company will be paying the difference amount up to Rs 3500 whichever is less i.e. entire ticket amount minus taxes and convenience fees
  • In case of a non-refundable ticket, the insurance company will be paying the ticket fare (excluding tax and convenience fee) or Rs 3000 per cancellation whichever is less

You can check the complete T&C here.

Insurance Benefits

  • Air Accident Cover: Up to Rs 1 Cr
  • Loss of check-in baggage: Up to Rs 72000
  • Delay of check-in baggage: Rs 7500
  • Loss of travel documents: Up to Rs 12500
  • Baggage Damage Cover: Up to Rs 5000

Final Thoughts

As expected, the Club Vistara SBI Card PRIME is one level above the base variant Club Vistara SBI Card. We get better rewards and benefits from this. The good thing is getting the PRIME variant is better even with the higher annual fee. If we opt for this card, we get 3 Premium Economy tickets on reaching Rs 4.5 Lakhs spend. The base variant gives us 3 Economy tickets at a higher milestone spend of Rs 5 Lakhs. So, even if you are planning to spend the same amount get the Club Vistara SBI Card PRIME.

Frequently Asked Questions

Club Vistara SBI Card PRIME

Card Maven

Fees and Charges
Features and Benefits
Axis Bank Neo Credit Card LTF
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48 thoughts on “Club Vistara SBI Card PRIME”

  1. does not have SBI credit cards as a bank option in the drop down when we try and register

  2. Does SBI allow upgrading existing card to CV prime card or allow possessing 2 cards at a time? I’ve tried applying through their website but they aren’t accepting my application, not sure why. Please suggest me a way forward, I’m looking to pay rent through this card.

  3. sidhant raheja

    Do we receive any cv points on spendings that are less than rs 200? Are cv points calculated on the total amount billed during the billing cycle or individual amounts?

  4. Can we use ticket voucher to book tickets for others? Or these specific to card owner?

  5. I am using SBI Club Vistara Prime. SBI claims that the charges on rent payment is 199+GST but when I tried using phonepe/paytm, it is adding 1000Rs convenience charges. Which app should I use to pay the rent?

  6. Rohit Jain

    HI, I am planning to Apply it and close my SBI Cashback after the devaluation announcement.
    I already have an Axis Vistara Infinite, so need clarification regarding the Vistara FFP.
    Will it remain the same or SBI will issue a fresh Vistara CV ID ?

  7. Am looking for rent payment through RedGirraffe portal with SBI credit card, with good rewards. Am not able to find out if this is possible. Do u have any suggestions?

      1. Thanks. There is processing fee both from RedGirraffe and also from payzapp right? Also do i get cashback from using SBI cashback card?

        1. It will get into rent/insurance MCC. So, it may be 0% or 1% cashback.

          RedGirraffe will charge 0.39%+GST.

          1. Thanks.
            1. Then i guess SBI vistara credit card is good for rental payments of around 50k? To earn CV points
            2. It’s restricted to domestic flights right?
            3. Payzapp doesn’t have processing fee i hope

          2. Card Maven

            1. Yes
            2. No, we can use CV points for international flights as well
            3. PayZapp does not have a processing fee

  8. Pritu Singh

    How to claim the welcome benefit of flight ticket? Is there a code we have to use while buying tickets

      1. Thanks for the response,
        No card is not getting blocked, it just says Transaction Failed and SBI email response and call center seemed stumped about it…

  9. Great website,
    Do utility bill payments and insurance spends count towards CV points and milestone benefits,
    I previously had Axis Vistara infinite card but discontinued it during Lockdown since Vistara at the time was non supportive ..
    Need an SBI card , do you recommend any other apart from SBI vistara? Need it primarily for the online sales

    I currently have Diners Black, Amex Plat charge and Icici saphiro, RBL Zomato, Yes first exclusive..most spends are done on the first 2
    Any input would be appreciated thanks

    1. Yes, bill payments and insurance spending count towards CV points and milestone benefits for the SBI Vistara cards.

      You can use it for sale discount, no need to get another card.

      1. Hi thanks for the response,
        Is there any other SBI card that you would recommend..i dont have this one thinking of applying as i see a lot of value in its annual fees comapred to the remaining SBI portfolio.
        Unless you would suggest otherwise

        1. Card Maven

          The Vistara card is a good one if you travel on the routes they fly. There are not many useful cards in the SBI portfolio compared to the ones you already hold. 🙂

          1. Got the card, SBI did the expected “sbi giri” , they never asked me for my exisitng vistara FFP , i had to tell them not to issue a new one ,
            Suprisingly got a very low credit limit, [is that normal with SBI?]

            Also, tried purchasing gyftr vouchers through SBI yono website, keeps telling me transaction..have any of you faced similar issues?
            Is there any other website where we can purchase gyftr or vouchers through SBI vistara card?

          2. Yes, SBI Card does issue a low limit sometimes. If you have another SBI Card, then you can transfer some limit from that. Else, wait for 6 months and try for LE.

            For vouchers issue, is the card getting blocked? If yes, unblock the card and retry after 24 hrs. It should work.

          3. Is it easy to get award flight if Vistara is operating in your route. I heard mostl of the tickets are expired due to this

      2. Hello Maven, hope SBI Vistara still counts insurance payments towards milestone rewards?

        I don’t have any credit cards and am searching for one since I have a sizeable insurance spend – could you kindly recommend any other suitable card for insurance payments? Thanks!


    Can we use the points for economy class tickets for higher realisation of points?

  11. Can you please tell me if we can claim premium economy ticket on 1 stop over flight ?
    What I mean if there is no direct floght from point A to Point B but it is via c, can we book the same layover ticket using premium economy ticket? or we would require two premium econony voucher to book the same.

    eg. BLR-DEL-LKO — this connecting flight will consume one premium ticket or two ?

  12. Is all kind of spend including rent payment qualify for spend based milestone benefits for free premium economy ticket ?

    1. Yes. All retail spends including fuel and rent are eligible for CV points and milestone benefits.

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