HDFC Adds Per Transaction Reward Points to Infinia Credit Card Statement

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HDFC Bank has always had great rewards for its super-premium credit cards – Diners Club Black and Infinia. However, what HDFC Bank has never had is a reward points statement. Many other credit cards like Axis Flipkart Credit Card and Standard Chartered Ultimate have it. However, HDFC Bank seems to have started working on this much-requested feature starting with Infinia credit card.

Per Transaction Reward Points in HDFC Infinia Statement

The Infinia credit card statement now includes the feature reward points (5 points per 150) earned for each spend transaction. Now if there is an excluded category transaction where there are no reward points, we can see it. 🙂

HDFC Infinia Transaction Wise Reward Points Statement

Bonus Reward Points under Smartbuy / Other Promos

A lot of HDFC Infinia customers have been using Excel sheets for tracking bonus reward points promised on Smartbuy. Till now, there was no way to see this. Except, calling customer care and providing transaction details.

HDFC Bank has addressed this partially now. We can now track how many bonus reward points have been earned on programs like Smartbuy, Global Value Cashback, etc. This is on a consolidated basis for the previous calendar month.

A per transaction statement will be good here as well but there are other challenges that HDFC Bank would have to tackle. The bonuses RP’s are added for transactions in the previous month. But, still hoping to see it someday as it will be a great way to track missing RP’s.

HDFC Infinia Smartbuy Reward Points Statement

My View

This is a meaningful addition by HDFC Bank for Infinia credit cards and should be in the works for other credit cards like Diners Club Black, Regalia as well.

However, most missing RP issues are raised with respect to Smartbuy transactions because the tracking in case of Amazon shopping does not work for some users. I hope, HDFC Bank is working on some sort of Smartbuy bonus RP statements that can be sent separately or uploaded on the Netbanking portal for users to view. That would add some credibility to the reward points accrual statement.

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