HDFC Bank Dec 2021 Credit Card Limit Enhancement Offer

HDFC Credit Card Limit Enhancement Offer Dec 2021

We have a New Year gift from HDFC Bank. It has rolled out a limit enhancement offer for most credit cards. The limit increase is up to 30% in some cases.

How to Increase HDFC Bank Credit Card Limit

  • Check by going to Netbanking -> Cards -> Credit Cards -> Request -> Limit Enhancement
  • Directly over at this link

Why we should always opt for credit limit enhancements?

A credit limit enhancement has many benefits. The immediate benefit is on CIBIL and other credit scores as the credit utilization goes down with a limit increase. This will increase the credit score by a few points.

LTF IndusInd Bank Credit Cards

The second benefit is specific to HDFC Bank. We can upgrade to HDFC Bank’s super-premium credit cards Infinia/DCB based on the credit limit on the existing credit card. The closer we get to that limit, the easier the upgrade is.

It is a good idea even if you have Infinia. We never know when HDFC Bank might launch the next super-premium credit card with a higher base limit requirement.

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