HDFC Bank Infinia Credit Card

HDFC Bank Infinia Metal Edition Credit Card


Joining Fee: Rs 12500+GST
Annual Fee: Rs 12500+GST


Airmiles, Rewards

Reward Rate

3.3% to 33%



Issued On



Domestic Airport Lounge Access, International Airport Lounge Access, Golf Games/Lessons, Fuel Surcharge Waiver

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HDFC Bank’s Infinia and Diners Club Black are two of the most sought-after credit cards in India. While there have been some devaluations, they still provide a reward rate that very few can match. I have been using the HDFC Bank Infinia for some time and exploring the rewards it has to offer. With the time (and money!) spent using this card, it is time for a hands-on HDFC Bank Infinia credit card review.

Eligibility Criteria and Fee

HDFC Infinia has one of the most stringent eligibility criteria among all credit cards. If applying, one needs a high ITR of upwards of 45L per annum. HDFC relaxes the eligibility in case of card upgrades or on the basis of the customer’s NRV. For card upgrades to Infinia, the limit needs to be upwards of 10L to be eligible for a chance at approval. So, if you have an existing HDFC credit card with a 10L+ limit, do try your luck by asking for an upgrade.

LTF IndusInd Bank Credit Cards
Joining FeeRs 12500+GST (Offered FYF in most cases)
Welcome Benefit1. Complimentary Club Marriott membership for the first year

2. 12500 RP if joining fees are paid
Annual FeeRs 12500+GST
Renewal Benefits12500 RP on payment of annual fees
Annual Fee WaiverRs 10 Lakhs Spend
HDFC Bank Infinia Credit Card Review – Fees


HDFC Infinia offers one of the best reward rates in the industry. It also offers many ways to get accelerated rewards with its Smartbuy Platform. We get 5 reward points per Rs 150 spent on the card. There are no fractional reward points. So, we get reward points for a transaction of Rs 150 and above. And 5 RP for every Rs 150 after that and so on.

This is a 3.3% reward value when redeemed for flight/hotel bookings. HDFC Bank does not provide any reward points for loading wallets. 🙂

Base Rewards5 RP per Rs 150
Insurance Transactions5 RP per Rs 150 up to 5000 RP per day
Grocery Transactions5 RP per Rs 150 up to 2000 RP per calendar month
Wallet, Fuel, Rent, and Government ServicesNo Rewards
Smartbuy Bonus15000 RP per calendar month

10X Smartbuy Rewards

LTF IDFC First Bank Credit Cards

This has always been the attraction of Infinia. The rewards used to be great till last year but have been devalued a bit now. HDFC Bank runs a Smartbuy platform where we can get up to 10X rewards for shopping. The bonus reward points cap is 15000 every calendar month. There is also a daily cap of 7500 RP per day. So, do calculate bonus RP limits when doing a high-value transaction and try to split it when possible.

Shopping CategoryRewards for InfiniaValue for Infinia as 1RP = Rs 1
Flights (Cleartrip and Yatra)5X16.5%
Hotels (Cleartrip)10X33%
MakeMyTrip (Hotels)10X33%
Instant Voucher5X16.5%
Apple Tresor5X16.5%
HDFC Bank Infinia Credit Card Review – Smartbuy Rewards


Being a lifestyle card, Infinia also provides a lot of benefits for its HNI cardholders. Unlimited lounge access for both primary and add-on cardholders is the highlight.

Airport Lounge Access

HDFC Infinia comes with a complimentary Priority Pass membership. We get unlimited complimentary lounge access both within and outside India. So, if you see a Priority Pass lounge at any airport – you can access it for free thanks to Infinia’s Priority Pass.

The free access is valid for add-on cardholders as well!

AU Bank Xcite Ace

Golf Privileges

HDFC Infinia has tie-ups with leading courses across India and abroad. It offers unlimited complimentary golf games along with golf coaching at select courses. The list of golf courses and other details are available on the product page.

Foreign Currency Markup

Infinia offers foreign currency markup benefits for frequent travelers. The foreign currency markup on this card is 2%. Combined with the standard reward rate of 3.3%, we get a reward rate of 1.3% on foreign transactions even after the markup. Few cards offer this for international transactions.

An additional benefit is we can enroll for the Global Value offering from HDFC Bank. It offers 1% additional cashback on all international transactions up to Rs 1000 per statement cycle.

24 X 7 Personal Concierge

Infinia also has 24 X 7 personal concierge services that are handled by International SOS. The services offered are:

  • Golf Course Referral and Reservation Assistance
  • Car Rental and Limousine Referral and Assistance
  • Hotel Referral and Reservation Assistance
  • Business Services
  • Flower and Gift Delivery Assistance
  • Courier Service Assistance
  • Dining Referral and Reservation Assistance
  • Events

Rewards Redemption

HDFC Bank provides multiple ways to redeem the accumulated reward points. Reward points are valid for three years from the date of credit. This allows for sufficient time to redeem points.

The best value would be to redeem the points for booking flights/hotels on Smartbuy or transfer miles to one of the transfer partners.

Flights/Hotels Booking on Smartbuy

The redemption option that provides the best value for the reward points is booking flights and hotels on Smartbuy. In this case, each reward point is valued at Rs 1. Smartbuy allows using up to 70% of the booking amount to be paid by reward points while the rest has to be paid by credit card. It used to be possible to make a 100% payment amount by reward points till last year – so a little devaluation here. However, the good part is the amount paid by credit card accrues 5X reward points.

We can redeem up to 1.5 Lakh RP per calendar month towards flights and hotel redemption.

Cash/Gift Vouchers Redemption

The Infinia is not for someone who redeems the points for cash/vouchers. If one is not redeeming the points on Infinia for booking flights/hotels, the converted standard reward rate when redeeming for vouchers and cash drops to 1.65% (1000 RP = Rs 500 Amazon voucher) and 1% (1 RP = 30p) respectively! We now have plenty of cards in the market that provides a 2% or more direct cashback on transactions. Smartbuy allows using up to 70% of the voucher amount to be paid by reward points while the rest has to be paid by credit card.

Infinia also gets the option to redeem Tanishq GVs at 1 RP= Rs 1 value. We can redeem up to 50000 reward points per month for Tanishq vouchers.

Transfer as Airmiles

Last but not the least, we do have the option to transfer reward points to one of the Airmiles partners.

Reward Points Redemption Value Chart

Redemption Value for 1 Reward PointHDFC Bank Infinia
Smartbuy (Flights/Hotels)Rs 1
Tanishq VouchersRs 1 (70% by points, 30% by card)
Apple ProductsRs 1 (70% by points, 30% by card)
Airmiles0.5 to 1 Airmiles
Rewards Catalogue (Including Vouchers)20 paise to 50 paise (70% by points, 30% by card)
Cashback30 paise

Transfer Partners

Infinia gets a whole new set of transfer partners now. Etihad Guest, British Airways, United MileagePlus and AeroPlan get a 2:1 ratio. So, two RP become 1 mile. Everything else is 1:1.

Transfer PartnerTransfer Ratio
Air Canada – AeroPlan2:1
Air Asia – airasia rewards1:1
ALL – Accor Live Limitless1:1
Avianca LifeMiles1:1
British Airways Executive Club2:1
Etihad Guest2:1
Finnair Plus1:1
Flying Blue1:1
Hainan Airlines – Fortune Wings Club1:1
IHG One Rewards1:1
Vietnam Airlines – Lotusmiles Program1:1
Turkish Airlines – Miles&Smiles1:1
United MileagePlus2:1
Wyndham Rewards1:1
Singapore Airlines – KrisFlyer1:1
Vistara Airlines – Club Vistara1:1
HDFC Bank Infinia Credit Card Review – Transfer Partners

Final Thoughts

There are few credit cards that offer 3.3% as the standard reward rate on all transactions. Standard Chartered Ultimate is one such credit card that provides 3.3% RP on all transactions.

Yet, the extra benefits offered by HDFC Infinia credit cards like 10X rewards and unlimited lounge access are what make it one of the best credit cards in India at this moment. If getting a chance to upgrade/apply Infinia, then one should do it without any second thought. Infinia can replace many other existing credit cards in your wallet.

For Airmiles enthusiasts, Axis Magnus is a far better choice than the DCB and even Infinia for that matter.

HDFC Bank Infinia Credit Card

Card Maven

Features and Benefits
Axis Bank Neo Credit Card LTF
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45 thoughts on “HDFC Bank Infinia Credit Card”

  1. Infenia Credit card redemption is almost impossible to do as most of their flight in offering are only offered with out any baggage allowance so that no one can really book. Their customer service is soo bad that they are clue less about half the things and can not get any issues resolved.

    Really dont recommend this card to any one.

    1. Agree. Customer service is pathetic. Other generic cards in market are much better in terms of customer service.

    2. They have a bug in their backend. Sometimes the “operator” like clear trip, ibibo have a fetching problem from the backend. Its happened to me twice already. Try during day times where the luggage shows up. If you see “null”, the likelihood is that the data from the server did not fetch properly. Yes, it’s frustrating. Their international booking is even worse where they dont store passport details etc.

  2. Hello, I currently hold a Diners Club Black credit card with a credit limit of 8.6 lakhs. Over the past six months, my total expenditures have exceeded 12 lakhs. Two months ago, I made a request via email to upgrade my card to the Infinia version, but it was declined with the explanation that a credit limit of 10 lakhs is required. Is there an alternative method to pursue the upgrade, or should I consider submitting another request through the grievance channel, especially given my higher spending over the past six months

  3. I was offered an Regalia Gold upgrade from Regalia in the month of June first week but I didnt take it in time. Now its removed from the offers list. Will I be getting an upgrade offer for a better card in another couple of months? If yes, which card probably? My Regalia will expire by 2024 end.

    1. Card Maven

      That is not assured. It may be Regalia Gold again or may be DCB based on your limit.

      1. Thankyou for the reply. My present Ragalia limit is 8.96 lakh. My last three month spendings are more than 8 lakhs. Will I get Regalia Gold upgrade offer again or DCB? or any luck for Infinia?

        1. You can drop an email to grievance email id asking them to upgrade you to DCB based on your credit limit. High chances it will be done.

    1. Card Maven

      Yes, this will be updated soon and published before the devaluation is effective.

  4. I have dinners club millionia with 160000 limit and my spending were corssed 7.5lakhs in last 6months and i have sent a upgrade from to Chennai i eligible for HDFC infina

  5. Hi, I have owned an HDFC Money back CREDIT CARD for over 8 years. The card is around 8 years old, can I upgrade to HDFC Inferina . I do meet the minimum required criteria for ITR returns. Please suggest where I should contact to get this done.I am from Mumbai.

    1. If you meet the ITR requirements, just drop an email to grievance email id. They will do the needful after asking you to send the income proof and upgrade form.


    I have Regalia Business card with 13L limit. Spoke to HDFC RM for upgrade. They said need higher ITR requirement for Infinia My Regalia is expiring next year so any suggestions on how to negotiate an upgrade to Infinia will be helpful. Thanks!

    1. Just spend more than 7.5 lakhs in 6 months and send a signed upgrade form to Chennai and your card will be upgraded. The upgrade form Is available online as well as the nearest branch also can send it on your behalf. No need to talk to rm. For more details call up infinia helpline and take info

  7. I’m currently holding a LTF Regalia, CL was increased to 12L a few months ago. Annual spend of ~8L. Have latest ITR of 45L and an Imperia savings account with HDFC but am only being offered a FYF Diner’s Club Black upgrade.
    What are the chances of getting an Infinia if I write to the to grievances email id / mail docs directly to Chennai?

    1. Criteria to get Infinia card
      Your CL should be more than Rs 9 lakhs and spend of last 6 month should be more than Rs 7.5 lakhs.

      1. I am being offered an upgrade to infinia metal.
        CL is 10L, earlier it was 15L which was split into TataNeuInfinityLTF 5L and 10L regalia LTF.
        I have not even spent 10k in the last 6 months on my regalia card.

        1. Can you please let us know without spending much on Regalia card, How did you get approval for infinia

    2. Spend 7.5 lakhs in 6 months and then send an upgrade form to Chennai and it will be done. I got mine done too

  8. Had a terrible experience with HDFC Infinia Concierge. I have been holding this care for over 5 years now and had always thought that this being a premium card its concierge will be of highest order. However after yesterday horrible experience I have decided not to rely on HDFC Infinia concierge ever.

    I was in Mumbai yesterday and had not planned my return to delhi because I was not sure on an important meeting outcome. Since the meeting finished on time I planned to return to Delhi but flight tickets from Mumbai were exorbitantly high so I decided to take spice jet Flight ( 1/3rd the cost from Mumbai) from Nashik. To keep things safe I used HDFC INFINIA concierge to book flight. Booking process was irritating as Customer care representative wasted lot of time in taking passenger details, instead he should have first hold the ticket n then tek details. Because of this error cost of ticket went up by 500/- but thinking its a nominal increase I went ahead with booking. I got confirmation post sharing my points code and also paying 30% amount through card. i got confirmed voucher as well for the ticket.

    Having done this I also booked my Hotel ( Hotel Seven Heaven) in Nashik through Concierge and this again got confirmed after sharing point redemption voucher and also making balance 30% payment.

    30 minutes after this was done I got a message from HDFC stating that their airline partner could not do the booking and amount is being refunded. This took me by surprise as for the first time this happened that after confirmation etc my booking got cancelled. Worse was ticket price by then shot by 3000/- rupee which was almost 50% more than initial amount paid. On top of this Concierge team had no clue and they on every call just wanted to follow stupid process of taking my details and giving lame answer of checking and reverting.

    As fate would have it I cam up with another surprise. Since it was late in evening and i realized I will be checking in around 11pm, I called up Hotel to confirm that i will be reaching late. Hotel staff told me that they have no booking by my name and they were fully sold out for the night. I gave him all details and shared that this booking is from premium services of Infinia ( done through Cleartrip) etc but he said i havent given any confirmation for this booking and there is no room available.

    I was still coming to terms with Flight fiasco and then this happened. Again the whole process of calling Concierge, sharing all details and finally hearing yet again same reply that they will get back after checking with partner.

    I reached Nashik, went to the hotel at 11:00 pm in night n was denied any room. I finally was wandering through the city at 11pm in night, pleading my taxi driver, who was in rush to go back,
    thanks to HDFC Infinia Concierge.

    This card which is meant for high networth individuals and is supposed to give best in class service turned out to be my worse ever experience and I am very sure I will not be ever using this.

    1. usually happens if you choose easemytrip as the booking partner. i have started to avoid them via HDFC concierge

      1. Can someone clarify the daily cap on SmartBuy which is 7500 points, is that for bonus or regular+bonus?

        I remember earlier posts mentioning that it is just for bonus so you can spend upto some 56K to hit that limit(for 5X partners). However I just called smart buy customer care, and they were very clear. 7500 includes normal rewards so daily limit is not 56K but 45K. So let’s say you send 50K, you will get 7500 reward points for 45K, and for remaining 5K INR value, you will get 1X points which is 166 points

  9. Card Maven, this summary is quite helpful. You should also mention that RPs are not usable until the bill gets generated. Also, do mention that the brands in bonus points chart will keep changing from time to time and hence one must call the Infinia helpdesk to check the latest offerings.

    1. I have a LTF Regalia with 12L limit. Spoke to HDFC RM for upgrade.They said need higher CTC requirement for Infinia or if I book a ULIP plan they could try to get approval for it, again no guarantee (wasn’t keen due to low returns of ULIP). My Regalia is expiring next year so any suggestions on how to negotiate an upgrade to Infinia will be helpful.Thanks!

      1. Please drop an email to grievance redressal asking them to upgrade to Infinia on the basis of your credit limit. They may also check for the last 6 months’ spend to determine eligibility.

        Do not take any ULIP plan for credit card upgrades.

        1. Upgrade denied by grievance redressal without specifying a reason inspite of multiple escalations. Any alternate route to upgrade?

          1. Card Maven

            Upgrades are as per their discretion. May be try looping in the PNO on the email asking them to check the reason for denial.

          2. PNO also refused to share a specific reason citing internal policy of bank…

  10. One big mistake in your Blog:

    Regarding redeeming RPs for Flight booking, you have mentioned: “However, the good part is the amount paid by credit card accrues 10X reward points. 🙂”
    Whereas, it is 5X.
    Please don’t misguide people.


        1. Card Maven

          Instant Vouchers get 5X on Infinia. That’s a 6.6% extra return. Infinia also gets a higher per-day and monthly limit on bonus Smartbuy rewards.

          So, if you need the above two then it is very much worth upgrading.

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