HDFC Bank Infinia Metal Edition Launched

HDFC Bank Infinia Metal Edition Credit Card

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HDFC Bank has finally launched the Infinia Metal Edition credit card. This is an update that has been expected for some time now with the many leaks seen on social media. The Infinia Metal Edition is in line with the earlier news and comes with the below changes:

  • A new design in metal form factor. The PVC card design is being discontinued effective 18-Oct-2021.
  • Joining/Renewal Fee increases to Rs 12500 plus GST
  • Welcome and Renewal benefit also increases to 12500 reward points in line with the new fee.
  • Stay for 3 nights and pay for two at participating ITC hotels.
  • 1+1 complimentary weekend buffet at participating ITC hotels.
  • 2X Reward Points on dining at standalone restaurants will be removed from 01-Dec-2021 for Infinia PVC edition. This will also not available on Infinia Metal Edition cards right from issue date.
  • Redeem reward points for Apple products and Tanishq vouchers via Smartbuy at a value of 1RP = Rs 1. Max 70% can be paid using reward points, Infinia has to be used to pay for the rest.

Changes for existing Infinia PVC cardholders

For existing Infinia PVC cardholders, the fee structure stays the same. No change in the renewal fee waiver of 8 Lakhs spends as well.

LTF IndusInd Bank Credit Cards

All new benefits/features from HDFC Bank Infinia Metal Edition will be available for the Infinia PVC variant as well. So, don’t hurry to upgrade to Infinia Metal if you need the new features. 🙂

All Product Features (excluding Welcome/Renewal Reward Points) captured in ‘Features’ tab are also applicable for Infinia cards sourced before 18th Oct’21 “

From HDFC Bank Product Page

Upgrade from Infinia PVC to Infinia Metal Edition

LTF IDFC First Bank Credit Cards

This will be possible and users will be charged the joining/renewal fee of Rs 12500 plus GST to upgrade. Several people have already started getting the upgrade in their net banking. Check-in Cards –> Credit Cards –> Request –> Credit Card Upgrade.

Upgrade from LTF Infinia PVC to Infinia Metal Edition

This is something that is not clear yet. People with LTF Infinia PVC have got the Infinia Metal Edition upgrade option in Netbanking. Currently, it is being offered only as FYF (First Year Free) with Rs 12500 plus GST as annual charges from the second year onwards. So, if we upgrade voluntarily LTF status will go away.

If we don’t upgrade now then we should get the Metal Edition on automatic renewal. But will the LTF status go away in this case as well? I am waiting for HDFC Bank to clarify this.

My View

This is a much-awaited refresh for the super-premium Infinia. A metal version was awaited for a long time as AMEX and Axis already issue their high-end cards on Metal.

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The revised redemption option for Tanishq vouchers and Apple products at 1 RP = Rs 1 is a good addition. But, the 70% reward points redemption cap in these cases is a surprise. There is no clarity if the remaining 30% paid by Infinia will get 10X points. For Apple products, we will always get better deals outside. So, not much extra value here except Tanishq vouchers if one is into gold purchases.

HDFC Bank Infinia Metal Card Tanishq Vouchers
Tanishq Vouchers Redemption at 1:1

Considering all benefits stay the same on both PVC and new Metal edition, it is an individual decision to upgrade to the new Infinia and experience Metal. 🙂

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2 thoughts on “HDFC Bank Infinia Metal Edition Launched”

  1. Sir, How to Get ‘Business Regalia’ to INFINIA Upgrade, My Current Credit Limit ₹ 5,73,000 only

    1. Card Maven

      The first thing to do would be to get the credit limit increased to 8 Lakhs and above. If you have the income to support it, send your docs to HDFC Bank asking for the same. If not, use your card regularly for all expenses. HDFC Bank offers regular credit limit increases.

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