HDFC Bank Regalia vs Regalia Gold Credit Card

HDFC Bank Regalia vs Regalia Gold Credit Card

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The Regalia brand has a new member – Regalia Gold. HDFC Bank’s new launch Regalia Gold is a step above the Regalia. While the Regalia Gold offers better rewards and benefits, should you make the jump if you hold Regalia? Here is a comparison of the HDFC Bank Regalia vs Regalia Gold credit cards to help you decide.


RegaliaRegalia Gold
Joining FeeRs 2500+GSTRs 2500+GST
Welcome MembershipNoneComplimentary Club Vistara Silver Tier and MMT Black Elite Membership
Welcome Benefit2500 RP if fee is paidRs 2500 GV if fee is paid
Annual FeeRs 2500+GSTRs 2500+GST
Annual Fee WaiverRs 3 Lakh annual spendRs 4 Lakh annual spend
Renewal Benefit2500 RP if the renewal fee is paid None
HDFC Bank Regalia vs Regalia Gold Credit Card: Fees


CategoryRegaliaRegalia Gold
Base Rewards4 RP per Rs 150 ~1.3%4 RP per Rs 150 ~1.3%
Spends at 5X PartnersNA20 RP per Rs 150 ~6.7%
Quarterly Milestone BenefitNoneGet Rs 1500 GV on Rs 1.5 Lakh spend. The options are Marriott, Myntra, Marks and Spencer or Reliance Digital
Annual Milestone Benefit10000 RP on Rs 5 Lakhs spends in membership year

5000 RP on Rs 8 Lakhs spends
Rs 5000 flight GV each on Rs 5 Lakh spend and on Rs 7.5 Lakh spend
HDFC Bank Regalia vs Regalia Gold Credit Card: Rewards

Regalia Gold gets few extra benefits over the Regalia. We get access to 5X rewards partners. At this point, the 5X reward partners are Marks & Spencer, Myntra, Reliance Digital and Nykaa. The cap is 5000 RP per calendar month for the bonus points in this category.

LTF IndusInd Bank Credit Cards

Regalia Gold also gets better milestone benefits. The milestone benefits offer an extra return of 2.1% on the Regalia Gold at a lesser spend of Rs 7.5 Lakhs in a membership year. Regalia’s milestone add up to an extra bonus return of just 0.94% on spends. So, if you are a high spender then Regalia Gold is a better choice.

SmartBuy Rewards

Both Regalia and Regalia Gold credit cards get the same benefits on SmartBuy. The bonus rewards SmartBuy cap is 4000 RP per calendar month and 2000 RP per day.

Shopping CategoryRewards Value at 1RP = 50 paise
Redbus5X 6.6%
Instant Vouchers5X6.6%
Apple Tresor5X 6.6%
Zoom Car5X6.6%
HDFC Bank Regalia vs Regalia Gold Credit Card: SmartBuy Rewards

Redemption Options

Both Regalia and Regalia Gold get the same value when redeeming reward points. Regalia Gold gets access to a Gold Catalogue though the options in it are not clear at this time.

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Regalia Gold also has the new mile transfer partners like Accor, LifeMiles and Aeroplan just like Infinia and DCB. Regalia only gets miles transfer to the earlier partners – Intermiles, Singapore Airlines (Krisflyer) and Club Vistara.

Redemption OptionValue of 1 RP
SmartBuy (Flights/Hotels)50 paise
Airmiles0.5 Airmiles
Rewards Catalogue (Including Vouchers)20 paise to 35 paise
Gold Catalogue (Only Regalia Gold)65 paise
Cashback20 paise
HDFC Bank Regalia vs Regalia Gold Credit Card: Redemption Options

Complimentary Airport Lounge Access

TypeRegaliaRegalia Gold
Domestic Airport Lounge Access8 complimentary visits/calendar year12 complimentary visits/calendar year
International Airport Lounge Access6 complimentary visits/calendar year6 complimentary visits/calendar year
HDFC Bank Regalia vs Regalia Gold Credit Card: Airport Lounge Access

Effective 1st December 2023, you will need to spend Rs 1 Lakh in a calendar quarter to get complimentary domestic airport lounge access on the Regalia. On meeting the milestone, visit Regalia SmartBuy –> Lounge Benefits –> Lounge Access Voucher to get the access vouchers.

Regalia Gold continues to get complimentary domestic airport lounge access without any spend criteria.

AU Bank Xcite Ace

Which card is better: HDFC Bank Regalia vs Regalia Gold Credit Card?

With the same joining and annual fee, the Regalia Gold is a better option. If you are high spender, then you can get a higher return with the milestone benefits.

Advantages of Regalia Gold over Regalia

  • 5X reward partners for a better reward rate – Current 5X partners are Marks & Spencer, Myntra, Reliance Digital and Nykaa
  • Better milestone benefits with extra return on spends
  • Access to new mile transfer partners like Aeroplan and LifeMiles
  • Complimentary airport lounge access without any minimum spend conditions
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113 thoughts on “HDFC Bank Regalia vs Regalia Gold Credit Card”

  1. Hi,

    I have LTF HDFC Regalia First (using since 2015) and Diners Club Privilege (got in 2023) credit cards with limit of Rs.7 lakhs

    Can I get an upgrade to HDFC Infinia or Diners Club Black credit card ? If not, then what are the criteria to fulfill.

    1. Card Maven

      You should be able to get DCB Metal based on the limit. But, you would also need to fulfill the spend criteria. You can check by emailing customer care.

      1. Sir,
        I have a life time free Regalia Master card with a credit limit of 5.16 Lakhs. Now they r offering Regalia Gold with 2500 annual fees.
        1. What should I do now.? – regalia gold is not life time free.
        2. I am spending and attaining milestones but credit limit is not increased for about 6 months.
        3. Which card should i request for.?
        Please kindly suggest sir.

      2. Presently I have regalia LTF and The bank has offered me regalia gold with joining fee waived and Diners privilage card (as second card) with joining fee waived. My spends are not meeting spend criteria. I am interested in free airport lounge access at both domestic & international airports. what should i do?

        One more confusion, is airport lounge access using regalia gold for Add-on cards available (it has not written anything about add-on cards on website)

        How many free add-on cards (max) can be applied for regalia gold?

        1. If Regalia Gold is going to be your primary card, then go for it. Yes, you can get up to 5 add on cards and they are eligible for airport lounge access.

      3. Presently I have regalia LTF and The bank has offered me regalia gold with joining fee waived and Diners privilage card (as second card) with joining fee waived. My spends are not meeting spend criteria. I am interested in free airport lounge access at both domestic & international airports. what should i do?

        for regalia, whether at domestic and international airport lounge access both will be free if card meets spend criteria or only for domestic airport lounge access spend criteria will be applied?

        One more confusion, is airport lounge access using regalia gold for Add-on cards available (it has not written anything about add-on cards on website)

        How many free add-on cards (max) can be applied for regalia gold?

        1. Card Maven

          We can get airport lounge access even for add-on cards. We can apply up to 3 add on cards for HDFC Bank credit cards.

          If you need Regalia Gold for lounge access, it is a better deal than spending 1L on Regalia to get the same.

  2. For some reason i was offered free regalia card. I do not pay any charges per year and I don’t spend over 10-20k a year. If I upgrade to gold regalia, will I have to start paying annual fees of 2500?

    1. Card Maven

      Yes, the LTF offers are customer specific. Banks generally roll out offers from time to time.

  3. @ CARD MAVEN based on your suggestions to various personnel above, I see that you have referred DCB to everyone who’s eligible for an upgrade.
    On a high level, it definitely looks like a good card, but have understood that online/offline acceptance for DCB is not at par with Visa cards. If one is to upgrade his/her Visa card to DCB, wouldn’t their spending be restricted? Please throw some light on this aspect as well.

    PS: I have an LTF Regalia, with an upgrade available for Regalia gold (FYF)
    Limit is 5L
    I’m unable to choose between these options, please recommend

    1. Card Maven

      Online acceptance is pretty much ok except may be a couple of places. Offline acceptability has also improved due to Rupay tie up.

      DCB even with these limitations is a better card than Regalia. You can always keep another Visa/MC with you for transactions where you cannot use DCB.

  4. Can I get Regalia Gold LTF if i meet spend criteria of 1 lakh+ in 90 days and/or getting add-on card.

  5. Sanjeet Sharma

    I have hdfc regalia credit card if it upgrade into regalia gold than my rewards points convert or not

  6. I was offered the Diners Club Black Credit Card, but with an annual fee and no joining fee. Currently, I am holding an HDFC Regalia card with LTF, but I didn’t take the offer as it has an annual fee of 12K. After a few months, I came to know that my annual spend was 5 Lakhs for which annual charges are waived for the DCB card. But that offer has expired, and currently they are offering Regalia Gold Card as an upgrade.

  7. One thing I guess is missed here, that Regalia card has fuel surcharge waiver. And Regalia Gold no where mentions that. Can you please confirm?

  8. I have a regalia Ltf, now I’m getting a regalia gold LTF, is it worth the upgrade? Also the exec said that I’m more likely to get an upgrade to dcb or infinia in the future if I had the gold as opposed to plain regalia, is there any merit to this?

    1. The reply is big NO. I am exactly in the same position as you and I called up their customer care. After wasting 30 min. on call to get someone with clarity, I found out that LTF benefit will go away if I upgrade to Gold. Honestly I dont see any positive value of Gold over Regalia. That future upgrade is a gimmick HDFC is trying to hang like a carrot and wants the LTF customers to start paying now.

  9. I have been using a Regalia card for a couple of years and I got an upgrade for Regalia Gold which I am not interested in. I have been using HDFC Credit cards since 17 to 18 years, and my annual spend is above 5Lakhs annually, I want to upgrade to Dinner Club Black or Infinia. my current limit is 3.55 lakhs

  10. Does Passport – Airport lounge access continue to work if we upgrade from HDFC Bank Regalia Credit Card to a New Regalia Gold Credit Card ?

  11. I have been using Regalia Card from almost 2-3 years. A couple of months ago, I got an upgrade offer to Regalia Gold which I didn’t accept as the features are same as that of Regalia. I also believed that skipping the upgrade would result in an upgrade offer for better card. But today, I got an upgrade offer not even for Regalia Gold, but for the same Regalia which I have been using? How can it be called an upgrade when they offer the same card which I have been using? What should I do now? Accept or ignore? Please advise.
    My spends are more than Rs 8 lakhs in the last 5 months.
    My credit limit has been Rs 8.96 lakh.

      1. My credit limit is more than 10L. Still I am being only offered Regalia Gold.
        Any other requirement?

        1. Harikrishnan

          I have 25L credit limit. I am offered Infinia. But I am not accepting it. Annual charges of 12,500+tax if spend less than 10L in an year.

      2. Hi
        I have LTF MC regalia card with credit limit of Rs. 16.5 lakhs. This is same for about more than an year now. Though I am not using this card much and now I am getting messages to upgrade to Regalia gold with Rs.2500 annual fees. What should I do?

  12. I have SBI ELITE and Regalia ( 9 lakhs ) . I can request a upgrade for Regalia to DCB/Infinia .
    But can you please suggest whether keeping SBI Elite is worth as it has annual charges . I am interested in airport lounges ,airmiles ,reward points .

  13. I am holding a Regalia Card almost since 8 years with LTF option and limit of of Rs.11.80 Lakh. Can I upgrade to Infinia LTF ?

  14. Giridhar Babu

    I am holding Regalia Card for the past 6 to 7 Yrs and current limit is 10 lakh plus. am I eligible to Infinia variant.

    Should I wait for upgrade offer or do they give on enquiry / request

  15. I have a regalia gold card with a limit of 5L, My spent for last year was around 12L. Can I get infinia card?

  16. Hello i have upgraded from Reglia first to regalia gold. I see the reward points has decreased by 30% the moment i upgraded. what could be the reason?

    1. Card Maven

      That’s right as per upgrade conditions as Regalia Gold has a better value for reward points.

  17. Hello!

    I have a Regalia with a limit of 12.15L and a good annual spend as well.
    I would like to ask for an upgrade to Infinia. Would I be eligible or is it just DCB that I can ask for?

    Thank you!

    1. Card Maven

      Ask for Infinia as you already have more than the required limit. They may ask you to meet some spend criteria to be eligible for upgrade.

  18. Holding HDFC LTF Card since Jan 2008. (15 years+) Used to get regular upgrades till about 2016, when I was upgraded to Regalia.

    Now stuck with LTF Regalia since 2016. Current limit: 15 Lakhs. But I was never offered Infinia LTF, and essentially received no worthwhile upgrade offers since 2016.

    Now, HDFC is offered me an upgrade from LTF Regalia to paid R/Gold, which obviously, I’m not accepting. However, I’m stuck with Regalia with CL of 15 Lakhs, with no “movement” in sight. Suggestions, please?

    1. Card Maven

      You need to email grievance and ask for a manual upgrade to Infinia. You are eligible based on your current limit. They may ask you to meet some spend criteria to be eligible for upgrade.

  19. I have a credit limit of 3.6L on regalia card and last yr my spend was 5L+. Can I get DCB? If not, what to do?

      1. Ok.. which other card is the best for lounge access? I have yearly spends of moe than 5L.

  20. Sundarrajan V

    Hi, I frequently travel out side india. But never claimed airport launch eligible for my regila card. How can I claim it. Should I request before travel .

  21. I have been using Regalia from last three years with 8.46 lakh limit and today got an upgrade offer to Regalia Gold from bank. Actually I am anticipating an upgrade offer to DCB or Infinia considering my spends. Should I accept this Regalia Gold and wait for further upgrade in future or can I request the bank for DCB or Infinia? What do you suggest?

    1. With that limit, would suggest you not wait and ask for the DCB upgrade by sending an email to grievance redressal email id.

  22. I have a HDFC regalia… also hold other cards like axis reserve, amex plat charge etc.. im offered regalia gold instead of my regalia card.

    I would like to hold a Dinner Club or Infinia. Any guidance on how to go ahead..??

    1. If you have 5L limit on existing HDFC Bank credit card, you can email grievance redressal and ask for DCB.

  23. I have Regalia as Lifetime free. If I upgrade I think I will lose that offer. Do you think it’s still worth it?

      1. I have lifetime free regalia and bank is offering Signature regalia it worthy to upgrade

  24. Hi Presently I am using HDFC Regalia master card with 9L limit. And I have bank offer to upgrade to Regalia gold. Should I go for upgrade? Or is there any better alternative? My annual spend is 10L +

    1. Yes, you can request for DCB/Infinia by sending an email to grievance redressal email id. Getting DCB should be fairly easy with that limit. But ask for Infinia as the first option.

  25. I have Regalia card with 6.6L limit. Bank has sent me sms to upgrade to Regalia Gold. What’s the process to upgrade to Diners and how to contact them?

    1. Yes, you can request for DCB by sending an email to grievance redressal email id. Getting DCB should be fairly easy with that limit.

      1. I sent out grievance email, but they rejected my application post submission of income documents.

        What to do now?

        Shall I look for any other cards? If yes, then which one you would recommend?

        1. Card Maven

          They don’t ask for income docs when we need to upgrade based on limit. Can you ask them to upgrade based on your existing limit?

          1. I did raise it again to upgrade based on limit, they rejected again though.
            Any other card recommendation? More from travel perpesctive to access lounge and good reward points for flight booking.
            Current Regalia has been badly downgraded atleast in terms of lounge access list

  26. Regalia Gold has a greater spend of 4 lakhs instead of 3 lakhs for Annual Fee Waiver compared to Regalia.
    Which is on higher side.

  27. I have been using Regalia for the last 7 years, and now the monthly limit has been increased to 10L. My annual spends are also around 10L. Now, I am being offered an upgrade to Regalia Gold. But what I really want is an upgrade to Infinia. Any ideas on how I can go about that?

  28. Shiva Thavani

    What would be better for me – Hdfc regalia or hdfc diners Club privilege credit card, given I am eligible for both.
    My main requirement is great lounge access program especially domestic lounge access in India.
    Please provide your view

      1. Okay diner club privilege is better than regalia gold as well?
        In terms of domestic lounge access

  29. Hey
    Is airport longue access is carry forwarded or not? can we use all Longue access at one time in one calendar year? is this applicable to add on member in Regalia card holders? Didn’t used this facility from 2013. So please advice.

  30. Hey team,
    I am having a Regalia with Rs 10L limit with expiry 2024. So which one is the next upgrade? i reached milestone target amount in every milestone period. So whats your suggestion? DCB or Stick on with same Regalia? i have no airmail and travel usages. So please assist.

    1. If you don’t have travel redemptions, look at cashback credit cards like SBI Cashback and Millennia. They will give you a better return.

    2. Aditya Singh

      Hi I have a lifetime free regalia credit card with 4.47 lakhs credit limit, I have an offer for upgrade to regalia gold but with charges. What should I do? Also when will I be eligible for diners black- and should I wait for it

      1. DCB needs a minimum limit of 5L on existing HDFC Bank credit card. At this point, don’t go for an upgrade to Regalia Gold unless it is given as LTF like your existing Regalia credit card.

        1. Aditya Singh

          Thanks for the advise, had asked for regalia gold lifetime free – the customer care said that I will not get LTF – but only first year fee waiver.

          They even said my amount of 3 lakhs spent till now in this calendar year won’t be carried forward to regalia gold either – i.e I would have to reach spend milestone of 4 lakhs again from start.

  31. I have HDFC regalia and I want to upgrade to Regalia Gold or Infinia, what is the approach? I also want my current limit enhanced

  32. I am having a Business Regalia with Rs 8L limit. Is it advisable to apply for Regalia Gold which is a retail card

  33. Also i am not able to apply for diners black heard hdfc does not issue that that true?

  34. Is it really worth it to try for regalia gold or should we wait to have an increased limit ( my current limit is 4 lakhs+) and apply for diners black? Also since I have a regalia lifetime free – would I get a regalia gold lifetime free too?

    1. Card Maven

      You can wait for 5L limit and upgrade to DCB. No, Regalia Gold will not be LTF unless HDFC Bank offers you the same.

  35. base rewards rate u have mentioned as 1.3% wrong. i think u have miscalculated 4 rp per 150 as 4rp per 100. assuming 35 paise per reward point 0.93% is base return rate..

    accordingly u have change everywhere in the post…

    1. Card Maven

      Each reward point is equivalent to 50 paise when redeemed for flights. So Rs 2 return on Rs 150 which comes to 1.3%.

  36. What’s the best credit card for someone like me who spends close to ₹15 lakhs/annum? I am also looking for rental payments to be included in annual spends, I have 70k monthly rental spends cumulatively. I travel, dine out regularly or order in. Currently I only have Amazon ICICI card with a CL of 6lakhs. Please suggest an excellent card options considering my requirements. Do let me know if you need any more information or if I can drop an email to you. Thank you so much!

  37. I have HDFC Regalia Visa signature variant with 8L limit. Which card should I upgrade it to?

  38. The regalia that I have is a Visa Signature variant. What about the regalia gold? I see the mastercard logo everywhere. Will we be missing out on the visa signature benefits?

      1. I don’t think we have 5x rewards from Amazon thru smartbuy anymore.
        Can you please recheck and confirm

  39. What’s the process for applying for an upgrade if one already has a Regalia (with a limit of 4L+)? Write an email?

    1. Yes, we just need to request over email. They will ask us to send scanned copy of upgrade form.

      1. Will they not ask any hard copy of upgrade form to upgrade in their head office.

        Whats the mail id to which we need to send regalia to regalia gold?

        1. You can email the grievance email id. They will ask you to send a scanned copy of the upgrade form.

          1. I have Regalia card with limit of 6+…which card I should upgrade it to?Bank is offering Regalia Gold for upgarde,but I don’t think it much beneficial to Regalia first card…pls suggest better card and how to get it


          2. If your Regalia is LTF, then don’t go for the upgrade to Regalia Gold. If you have spends greater than 5L on Regalia, then ask for DCB by sending an email to grievance redressal email id.

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