HDFC Diners ClubMiles vs Regalia

Diners ClubMiles vs Regalia

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Diners ClubMiles and Regalia credit cards are two of the best credit cards issued by HDFC Bank. HDFC Bank issues only one credit card to a customer at any time. So, given an option between Diners ClubMiles or Regalia which one is better. Read on to find out.

Looking for the comparison between Diners ClubMiles and Regalia First card? Here it is.

LTF IndusInd Bank Credit Cards

Joining/Annual Fees

HDFC Regalia HDFC Diners ClubMiles
Joining FeesRs 2500 plus GSTRs 1000 plus GST
Renewal FeesRs 2500 plus GSTRs 1000 plus GST
Fee WaiverRs 3 Lakhs SpendRs 1 Lakh Spend

Though HDFC Bank mentions joining/annual fee against the cards, these are mostly issued as LTF with spending offer or Smartpay registration criteria. So, check with the branch when applying.


HDFC Regalia and Diners ClubMiles give 4 reward points on every Rs 150/- spend.

LTF IDFC First Bank Credit Cards

Regalia has an extra trick up its sleeve. It offers a milestone benefit of 10000 bonus points on crossing 5 Lakhs. Plus, extra 5000 bonus points on crossing 8 Lacs spend in a card anniversary year.

Both cards offer the best redemption rate for flight bookings on Smartbuy. The rate for reward in these cases is the same for both the cards: 1 point = 50p.

The effective reward rate is:

  • Diners Club Miles: ~1.33%
  • Regalia: ~1.33% (on spending less than 3 Lacs in a year)
  • ~2.23% (if you are spending 8 Lacs in a year)

Without any spend criteria, Diners Club Miles is a better card when it comes to earning more points. But if you are a heavy spender, HDFC Regalia gives you an excellent reward rate of more than 2%.

AU Bank Xcite Ace


HDFC Bank offers a lot of ways to redeem reward points. The preferred way is to use HDFC Smartbuy We can book flights and hotels at a redemption rate of 1 point = 50p for both Diners Club Miles and Regalia. This is the way for getting the best reward redemption value.

There are other options in the Rewards Catalogue. We can also order electronics and gift vouchers in exchange for points. The reward point redemption falls to around 20p to 35p in these cases.

Airmiles Redemption

Both cards also offer to convert reward points to Airmiles. For Diners Clubmiles, we can transfer reward points to Intermiles, Singapore Airlines Krisflyer, and Club Vistara at a rate of 1 RP = 1 Airmiles. For Regalia, the redemption rate is half at 2 RP = 1 Airmile.

If Airmiles are the preferred redemption option, then Diners ClubMiles is the better card.

Smartbuy Rewards

HDFC Bank also runs a Smartbuy portal for accelerated rewards. Here we get extra cashback for purchases for Amazon/Flipkart/Flights etc.

Flights/Hotels/Bus/Rail/Amazon/Instant Vouchers5%

The key differentiation is the upper cap for cashback. For Regalia, it is Rs 1000 per month while for ClubMiles it is Rs 500.

The Winner – HDFC Regalia

With the spend criteria and other benefits, HDFC Regalia is an excellent card to get. The card is below Infinia in HDFC Bank’s credit card offerings. With a good spending history, HDFC Bank offers an upgrade to the super-premium Infinia credit card to its customers. So, if your target is to upgrade to Infinia someday, go for Regalia.

If you are not a heavy spender, then it is better to go with Diners ClubMiles for its low fees and fee-waiver criteria.

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