HDFC Infinia vs Axis Magnus Credit Card

HDFC Infinia vs Axis Magnus

We can very well call this post – the clash of the titans. When it comes to credit cards, Infinia has always been the aspiration for many. Getting it would mean an achievement in itself thanks to the stringent eligibility. With up to 33% rewards, Infinia became the most rewarding credit card in India for masses. But then came many devaluations and a new challenger, the Axis Magnus credit card. Axis Bank’s lucrative rewards on Magnus have now made it a challenger to HDFC Bank Infinia at many levels. Here is a detailed comparison of Axis Magnus vs HDFC Infinia to help you decide which is better for which case.

Fees and Charges

Joining FeesRs 12500+GSTRs 10000+GST
Welcome Benefit1 year Club Marriott membership

12500 RP if joining fees is paid
1 Economy Domestic Flight Ticket
Rs 10000 Tata CLiQ voucher
Annual FeesRs 12500+GSTRs 10000+GST
Annual Fees WaiverRs 10 Lakhs SpendRs 15 Lakhs Spend
Renewal Benefit12500 RP if the renewal fee is paid1 Economy Domestic Flight Ticket
Rs 10000 Tata CLiQ voucher
Issued asMetalMetal
Infinia vs Magnus: Fees and Charges

Magnus needs a much higher spend to get the annual fee waiver. But, we would not consider it as a problem as the annual fee is well compensated by the Tata CLiQ voucher. Even the Infinia has a good renewal benefit, 12500 RP can be directly used for booking flights and hotels on Smartbuy.

LTF IndusInd Bank Credit Cards


Both Infinia and Magnus are super-premium credit cards and offer excellent rewards. While earning rewards is easy, we have different options and values for redemption. The Magnus reward rate is mentioned as a range as the values are different based on redemption. More on this in the rewards redemption section.

Rewards5 RP per Rs 150 ~3.3%12 RP per Rs 200 ~1.2% to 4.8%
Flights25 RP per Rs 100 ~16.5%60 RP per Rs 200 ~6% to 24%
Milestone BenefitNone25000 EDGE RP on spending Rs 1 Lakh in a month ~5% to 20%
Insurance5 RP per Rs 150 up to 5000 RP per day12 RP per Rs 200 up to Rs 1 Lakh per txn
Grocery TransactionsMaximum 2000 RP per calendar monthNo Cap
Wallet and FuelNo RewardsNo Rewards
Rent and Govt ServicesNo Rewards12 RP per Rs 200 ~1.2% to 4.8%
Infinia vs Magnus: Rewards Comparison

Smartbuy vs Grab Deals for Accelerated Rewards

Smartbuy vs Grab Deals - Infinia vs Magnus

Grab Deals is to Axis Bank is what Smartbuy is to HDFC Bank. Both offer plenty of options to earn accelerated reward points. Grab Deals has many more partners than Smartbuy. But, the best way to benefit of these platforms is to buy instant vouchers for accelerated rewards. There are plenty of options and can be used for almost all types of spends depending on the brand.

  • Axis Magnus can earn a maximum of 10000 EDGE RP on Grab Deals. There is no cap on the rewards earned through Gyftr Instant Vouchers.
  • Infinia can earn maximum 15000 RP in a calendar month through Smartbuy. This also includes instant vouchers.
Instant Voucher5X ~16.5%3X to 10X ~3.6% to 48%
Infinia vs Magnus: Accelerated Rewards

Rewards Redemption

HDFC Diners Infinia and Diners Club Black Rewards Redemption

This is what will decide which is the right for you – Infinia or Magnus. The reward points for Infinia hold a higher value for all redemptions except airmiles. Magnus can help you earn and transfer reward points for airmiles at a much faster rate.

LTF IDFC First Bank Credit Cards

For someone who is into transferring reward points to airlines and hotel loyalty programs, Axis Magnus is a far better deal than anything else right now. Here is a calculator that will help you decide which one offers better value for your spending.

Except airmiles reward rate, Infinia is still the king when it comes to other redemption options. We get a better value even for redeeming gift vouchers.

VALUE OF 10 RPInfinia Magnus
Flights RedemptionRs 10Rs 2
Tanishq VouchersRs 10Rs 2
Apple ProductsRs 10Rs 2
Airmiles5 to 10 Airmiles8 Airmiles
Voucher RedemptionRs 5Rs 2

Transfer Partners

HDFC Bank Infinia and DCB Miles Transfer scaled

Both Axis Magnus and HDFC Infinia now have an extensive list of transfer partners. But, Axis Magnus still holds the edge when it comes to earning accelerated reward points. Also, Magnus has a better ‘miles earn rate’ of 4.8% while Infinia offers between 1.6% to 3.3% miles reward rate on spends.

AU Bank Xcite Ace
Transfer PartnerMagnus PartnerInfinia Partner
Air Asia – airasia rewardsYesYes
Air Vistara – Club VistaraYesYes
Ethiopian Airlines – ShebaMilesYes
Turkish Airlines – Miles and SmilesYesYes
ITC – Club ITCYes
Air France-KLM – Flying BlueYesYes
Etihad Airways – Etihad GuestYesYes
IHG Hotels & Resorts – IHG One RewardsYes
Marriott International – Marriott BonvoyYes
United Airlines – United MileagePlusYesYes
Singapore Airlines – KrisFlyerYesYes
Qatar Airways – Privilege ClubYes
Spicejet – SpiceClubYes
Air Canada – AeroPlanYes
ALL – Accor Live LimitlessYes
Avianca LifeMilesYes
British Airways Executive ClubYes
Finnair PlusYes
Hainan Airlines – Fortune Wings ClubYes
IHG One RewardsYes
Vietnam Airlines – Lotusmiles ProgramYes
Wyndham RewardsYes
Infinia vs Magnus: Transfer Partners

Airport Lounge Access

Infinia has an edge here. We get unlimited airport lounge access for both primary and add on cards in Infinia.

Airport Lounge AccessModeInfinia Magnus
Domestic PrimaryCC / PPUnlimitedUnlimited
Domestic Add OnCCUnlimitedUnlimited
Domestic Add OnPPUnlimitedNIL
International PrimaryPPUnlimitedUnlimited
International Add OnPPUnlimitedNIL
Infinia vs Magnus: Airport Lounge Access (CC for Credit Card, PP for Priority Pass)

Which card is better – HDFC Infinia vs Axis Magnus

When to choose HDFC Infinia

  • Your preferred redemption option is not airmiles. Infinia points can be used for directly booking flights at 1:1 value.
  • You need unlimited domestic and international lounge access for both primary and add on cards.

When to choose Axis Magnus

  • You preferred redemption option is airmiles. Magnus has an extensive list of transfer partners.
  • You can maximize your spends to hit the 1L spend milestone in a calendar month and get 25K bonus EDGE rewards
Axis Bank My Zone Credit Card LTF
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28 thoughts on “HDFC Infinia vs Axis Magnus Credit Card”

  1. Is it true that the points doesn’t come after completing the milestone … Also is there any capping on the points earned through edge travel platform ?? The prices are on higher side id there is no accelerated rewards than one should avoid buying from edge travel

    1. Axis has been consistent in posting the milestones. There is no issue.

      No cap on Travel Edge rewards.

  2. namaste,
    thank you for the analysis and for sharing the comparison calculator.
    two questions on which i’d like your opinion are:
    1) icici amazon pay vs hdfc infinia/axis magnus… which is better? (amazon is my preferred shopping platform)
    2) what is the difference between airmiles and reward points redemption?

    1. Amazon Pay ICICI credit card is similar to cashback cards.

      Infinia and Magnus are travel and airmiles focused credit cards. So, no direct comparison.

  3. Rajiv Gupta

    I already have an Infinia and Now Axis has offerd me Magnus. I want to use the rewards for International and domestic travel only . which card would be better for me.

  4. Hi, considering majority of my spends are for fuel(lorries) and insurance as I am into the business of cement crusher. Let’s say 2 lakhs a month for just fuel, what would be the best card for me? I have a business regalia as LTF since last month.

  5. Given that from mar23 axis won’t count rent and insurance for monthly and annual spend limits, it will be difficult for most to meet them and thus, DB or Infinia will again be bttr. Is that the right way to think?

      1. Hi
        Axis has also excluded the rental value from milestone benefit.
        So won’t HDFC still be better?

        1. The biggest difference which magnus has compared to DCB or even Infinia is the 8 meet and greet services which it offers. Its really good from a lifestyle point of view.

      2. DB doesn’t give rewards but consider them for limits… axis doesn’t. Which is a big difference

          1. For DB spend is considered for annual fee waiver and for monthly 80k benefits

            In axis, these are not considered and thus one won’t earn 25k monthly and will have to pay annual fees too.. without 25k monthly, magnus, I would assume, is not bttr than DB.

            Please opine

          2. Card Maven

            Ok. Yes, for the milestone. That’s right. It still counts for milestone and annual fee waiver in case of HDFC.

          3. Somanathan

            Axis card is lot of hype and no real benefit. I am using this card for some time and it doesn’t even as good as any other free credit cards there in the market, except unlimited lounge facility. Customer support is pathetic, milestone benefit comes god only knows when, 5X on travel etc. no idea how/when they credit if it is still true, transferring the points for partners is a farce – what ever I transferred I got 1.3% return overall. If your spend in any month is over 1L, you get 1-1.3% points. They keep changing the rules too often making it impossible to use it for long term. If you are ready to keep spending time & effort, it may work out, but that doesn’t fit to a premium card category at all !.

  6. I currently have DCB which is LTF. Confused between upgrading to Infinia or applying for Magnus. Main use of points in the past has been for domestic travel. While Vistara is a partner for both, not sure how good are the other transfer partners under Magnus. Also, for travel to Europe, US and South East Asia which transfer partner under Magnus can be used? I see merit in no caps for now on Magnus on transfer and redemption but not sure which card to go for! Would appreciate your views on it

    1. Card Maven

      If it is airmiles you are looking for, then Magnus is the better option. You could choose between United, Singapore Airlines, Qatar Airways and Turkish Airlines.

      1. for domestic travel are airmiles any good? Except for Club Vistara where it is anyway difficult to find a seat between the metros

        1. For domestic travel, Vistara is one of the easiest options. But, yes the availability is a major challenge for some routes.

          You can also use Turkish miles for Air India bookings but may not be a good value in all cases.

          This is one area where the Infinia and DCB are still better. We can use 1 RP at Rs 1 for revenue bookings on any airline.

          1. Thank you. Wanted to check how good are the FF programs of SpiceJet and AirAsia? These seem to be the other transfer partners for domestic travel. What would a DEL-BOM flight be for these FF programs? Like for Vistara it is 6000 CV points

          2. Card Maven

            The AirAsia partner is for the parent AirAsia company. It will not work for India. SpiceJet SpiceClub points do not have a great value. They would be around 40 paise each.

  7. Hi,
    Good analysis as always,
    Would like to add that
    Infinia has a cap of 5k points per DAY on Insurance transaction, which means any transaction above 1.5 lakhs will fetch 5k points only unless one has 2 seperate policies of smaller amounts paid on seperate days
    Also one good thing for now there is no cap on utility spends with Infinia

    What might i ask is Axis’s policies regarding Insurance and Utility bills?

    Are there similar caps on Magnus ?

    1. Card Maven

      Thank you KSB!

      I have added in the insurance rewards now. Magnus too has a cap for rewards on insurance transactions.

      For utility bills, there is no cap for both Magnus and Infinia as of now.

  8. Hello
    You are one of the best bloggers i ever seen now i need some guidance from you.
    I’m a student studying BTech (2nd year) and i have 2 ICICI credit cards Amazon pay and hpcl super saver. Now i got upgradation call to paid variant of coral amex but not LTF. how to ask for LTF of that variant.Also I’m In thought of getting rid of hpcl super saver as it’s has very low capping and also a paid variant. Can I degrade it to platinum as ICICI rewards are worst and lack lustre.

    1. Card Maven

      Thank you SK. You can email them and ask if they can offer LTF Coral. LTF Coral is mostly issued pre-approved for salary accounts. You can apply Platinum as an additional card and then close HPCL supersaver.

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