How to save with HDFC SmartBuy offers

HDFC Bank SmartBuy Offers

When it comes to earning accelerated rewards, HDFC SmartBuy has been a pioneer. From 2015 to now, it has seen many changes, devaluations, and improvements. However, it still remains the best option for earning accelerated rewards on HDFC Bank credit cards. With HDFC SmartBuy, you can earn accelerated rewards points or cashback with every transaction. Points can then be used to redeem products and services, such as flights, hotel reservations, and gift cards. Whether you have the basic MoneyBack+ or the super-premium Infinia/DCB card, here’s how to maximize HDFC SmartBuy for savings of up to 33%.

Accelerated Earnings Spends on HDFC SmartBuy

HDFC SmartBuy Partners

The first thing to know about HDFC SmartBuy is which purchases can get you accelerated spending. Here is the list of categories that we can purchase from SmartBuy. Out of these, Flights, IRCTC Trains, and Instant Vouchers are the most useful ones.

LTF IndusInd Bank Credit Cards
  • Flights: We can book both domestic and international flights. SmartBuy acts as an aggregator in this case and lists flights from OTAs EaseMyTrip, Yatra, Cleatrip, and GoIbibo.
  • Hotels: We can book both domestic and international flights. SmartBuy acts as an aggregator in this case too and lists hotels on Cleartrip, Yatra, and MakeMyTrip.
  • IRCTC Trains
  • RedBus
  • Apple Reseller – Imagine Tresor
  • IGP Gifting
  • Instant Vouchers
  • Zoom Car
  • Nykaa
  • Jockey
  • MMT Holiday Packages

Accelerated Rewards on HDFC SmartBuy

The rewards we get on SmartBuy are dependent on the debit or credit card variant we use. We either get bonus rewards or cashback.

HDFC SmartBuy Rewards for Infinia and Diners Club Black

Infinia gets the highest reward rate on HDFC SmartBuy with Diners Club Black Metal Edition as a close second. Diners Club Metal Edition loses out on one essential rewarding partner. It gets only 3X rewards on SmartBuy instant vouchers compared to 5X rewards on Infinia.

PartnerInfiniaDiners Club Black
IGP.com10X ~33%10X ~33%
Flights5X ~16.5%5X ~16.5%
Hotels10X ~33%10X ~33%
IRCTC3X ~10%3X ~10%
Redbus5X ~16.5%5X ~16.5%
Instant Voucher5X ~16.5%3X ~10%
Apple Imagine Tresor5X ~16.5%3X ~10%
Zoom Car5X ~16.5%5X ~16.5%
Nykaa5X ~16.5%5X ~16.5%
Jockey10X ~33%10X ~33%
MMT Holiday Packages5X ~16.5%5X ~16.5%
HDFC SmartBuy Rewards: Infinia and Diners Club Black Credit Card

HDFC SmartBuy Rewards for Regalia, Regalia Gold and Diners Club Privilege

Shopping CategoryRewards Value at 1RP = 50 paise
Instant Voucher5X6.6%
Apple Imagine Tresor5X6.6%
Zoom Car5X6.6%
MMT Holiday Packages5X6.6%
HDFC Bank Regalia and Diners Club Privilege Credit Card: HDFC SmartBuy Rewards

HDFC SmartBuy Cashback for other Credit and Debit Cards

All other eligible credit and debit cards including Millennia credit card get cashback for HDFC SmartBuy purchases.

LTF IDFC First Bank Credit Cards
Shopping CategoryCashback
Instant Voucher5%
Apple Imagine Tresor5%
Zoom Car5%
MMT Holiday Packages5%
HDFC SmartBuy Cashback for Credit and Debit Cards

SmartBuy Offer for Tata Neu Credit Cards

HDFC SmartBuy offer for Tata Neu credit cards ended on 30th September 2023. These offers are not valid anymore.

The Tata Neu credit cards do not get the 5% cashback or 5X rewards benefits on SmartBuy like other HDFC Bank credit cards. Instead, we get bonus NeuCoins for SmartBuy transactions at a much lower rate.

CategoryTata Neu Plus HDFC Bank Credit Card (NeuCoins)Tata Neu Infinity HDFC Bank Credit Card (NeuCoins)
Instant Vouchers1%1.5%
Apple Imagine Tresor1%1.5%
HDFC SmartBuy Offers on Tata Neu Credit Cards

Maximum Cap for Rewards and Cashback on SmartBuy

We have caps on how many bonus reward points and cashback we can earn on SmartBuy transactions. As you move up to super-premium credit cards from HDFC Bank, you will see more earning potential. Infinia gets a whopping 15000 bonus reward points per calendar month. These caps are only for the bonus rewards. The base 1X rewards on spends is uncapped.

AU Bank Xcite Ace
VariantMaximum per calendar monthMaximum per Day
Infinia15000 RP15000 RP
Diners Club Black Metal Edition10000 RP10000 RP
Diners Club Black7500 RP2500 RP
Regalia and Diners Club Privilege4000 RP2000 RP
Other Credit and Debit CardsRs 1000NA
PayZapp WalletRs 1000NA
Maximum Cap on HDFC SmartBuy Rewards and Cashback

Exclusions for SmartBuy Rewards

There are few exclusions only for SmartBuy partner Flipkart.

  1. Flight Bookings, Prepaid / Gift Cards, Bill Payments, Insurance & Recharges
  2. Purchase of Video Gaming Consoles & Hardware
  3. Jewellery / Gold coins or its equivalent

How to Maximize HDFC SmartBuy

This is one of the most asked questions. But, it is rather easy to answer. We need to spend on Flights, Instant Vouchers and IRCTC Trains as and when we need.

Flights get us 16.5% reward points. So, when you compare prices directly on OTAs and then HDFC SmartBuy, SmartBuy should be the option when you don’t see a major price difference.

Instant Vouchers are the next best option. With 5X rewards on Infinia and 3X on Diners Club Black, you can rack up reward points on virtually every purchase even if it is offline. You can buy Pantaloons, Shoppers Stop GV for apparel and BigBasket GV for groceries. Other options are Amazon Pay and Amazon Shopping GVs.

Rewards Redemption for Infinia, DCB, Regalia Gold Credit Cards

HDFC SmartBuy Infinia and Diners Club Black Rewards Redemption

HDFC Bank provides multiple ways to redeem the accumulated reward points. Reward points are valid for three years from the date of credit. The best value would be to redeem the points for booking flights/hotels on SmartBuy or transfer miles to one of the airline, hotel partners.

Flights/Hotels Booking on SmartBuy

The redemption option that provides the best value for the reward points is booking flights and hotels on SmartBuy. In this case, each reward point is valued at Rs 1 for Infinia, DCB and 50 paise for Regalia, Regalia Gold and Diners Club Privilege. SmartBuy allows using up to 70% of the booking amount to be paid by reward points while the rest has to be paid by credit card. However, the good part is the amount paid by credit card accrues 5X reward points. We can redeem up to 75000 RP per calendar month towards flights and hotels redemption.

Cash/Gift Vouchers Redemption

The effective standard reward rate when redeeming vouchers and cash drops to 1.65% (1000 RP = Rs 500 Amazon voucher) and 1% (1 RP = 30p) respectively for Infinia and DCB! SmartBuy allows using up to 70% of the voucher amount to be paid by reward points while the rest has to be paid by credit card. Infinia has an edge here – we can redeem reward points in 1:1 ratio for Tanishq gift cards and Apple products. The 70-30 rule still applies for these.

This redemption option is not advisable for Regalia, Regalia Gold and Diners Club Privilege as the returns are even lower. If you plan to use this option, then it is better to move to cashback credit cards.

Reward Points Redemption Value Chart

Redemption Option1 RP for Infinia/Diners Club Black1 RP for Diners Club Privilege, Regalia and Regalia Gold
SmartBuy (Flights/Hotels)Rs 150 paise
Airmiles0.5 to 1 Airmiles0.5 Airmiles
Rewards Catalogue (Including Vouchers)20 paise to 50 paiseUp to 65 paise
Cashback30 paise20 paise
HDFC Bank SmartBuy: Reward Redemption

Transfer Partners for Infinia, Diners Club Black and Regalia Gold

HDFC SmartBuy Transfer Partners

HDFC Bank also has the option for points transfer to airline and hotel partners. This is available only for Infinia, Diners Club Black and Regalia Gold.

Transfer PartnerInfinia/DCB Transfer Ratio
Regalia Gold Transfer Ratio
Air Canada – AeroPlan2:13:1
Air Asia – airasia rewards1:12:1
ALL – Accor Live Limitless1:12:1
Avianca LifeMiles1:12:1
British Airways Executive Club2:13:1
Etihad Guest2:13:1
Finnair Plus1:12:1
Flying Blue1:12:1
Hainan Airlines – Fortune Wings Club1:12:1
IHG One Rewards1:12:1
Vietnam Airlines – Lotusmiles Program1:12:1
Turkish Airlines – Miles&Smiles1:12:1
United MileagePlus2:12:1
Wyndham Rewards1:12:1
Singapore Airlines – KrisFlyer1:12:1
Vistara Airlines – Club Vistara1:12:1
HDFC Bank SmartBuy: Rewards Transfer Partners

Frequently Asked Questions

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  1. How much maximum spends can be done on infinia at 5x accelerated reward (gyftr portal) to reach 15k monthly capping?

  2. I bought amazon gift card of 500/-
    I paid 515/- approx
    got total 60 point ( value 30/- )

    I paid extra 15/- as tax
    so ultimate point value (30-15 = 15)
    its 3% value only

    should I use millennia card in amazon ?

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    so wanted to spend something… but

    I have millennia & neu infinity card

  3. Mahadevan T S

    I see PayZapp with a 1k cap per month. Could you please explain on which variants is this available and how to use it?

  4. What is the best way to redeem the points earned? There is a cap of 70% while booking flights/hotels through Smartbuy which has 1:1 conversion of points.

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