IDFC First Credit Cards Utility Bill Payment Offer (April-June 2022)

IDFC First Credit Cards Utility Bill Payment Offer

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IDFC First Bank credit cards have made a big splash in the market as they are Lifetime Free with good reward rates. Yet, we do not see as many spending offers on these cards as we have for others. Maybe because IDFC First Bank wants to play it a little safe. But for a change, we have a good utility bill payment offer on all the IDFC First Bank credit cards now. Here are all the details:

IDFC First Bank Utility Bill Payment Offer

  • Offer: Get up to 10% cashback on utility bill payments with IDFC First Bank Credit Cards
  • Details: Get 5% cashback for 1st month, 7.5% cashback for 2nd month, 10% cashback for 3rd month payments
  • Maximum Cashback: Rs 3000
  • Validity: 12th April to 30th June 2022
  • Fulfillment: By 30th September 2022
  • Offer Type: Targeted
  • T&C

My View

We need to make utility bill payments in all three months to qualify for the 10% cashback in the third month. The amounts in each month do not matter, all we need to do is make payments every month. If we pay equal utility payments in all three months, we get an effective cashback of 7.5%. This means we can pay a maximum of Rs 40000 in utility bills to hit the Rs 3000 cap.

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This is a pretty good offer from IDFC First Bank for utility bill payments. It is better than what Axis Ace offers right now. Hopefully, we will keep getting good offers like this from IDFC First Bank credit cards.

Received this offer on your IDFC First Bank credit card? Do comment and share.

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