RBL Zomato Edition Classic Credit Card Review

RBL Zomato Edition Classic Credit Card

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The RBL Zomato credit card is now discontinued and replaced with other variants for existing customers.

We can get free flights, hotel stays, cash back, and lounge access using credit cards. But how does free food with credit cards sound? This is exactly what the RBL Zomato Edition Classic card is for. This co-branded card is the best in RBL Bank’s credit card lineup with good rewards on spending. Zomato has ramped up on rolling out invites for this card. I review the RBL Zomato Edition Classic credit card and see if the rewards/benefits are worth the hype.

LTF IndusInd Bank Credit Cards

Fees and Charges

Joining/Renewal FeeLTF (Lifetime Free)
Welcome BenefitNone
RBL Zomato Edition Classic Credit Card Review – Fee

While RBL and Zomato were charging a fee for this card when it was introduced, all current issuances are LTF.


Spend CategoryCashback
Zomato (Food Orders and Dining Bill Payments), Blinkit5
(Max 500 Edition Cash/day)
Restaurants Spends5%
Birthday Spends10%
Online Spends1.5% 1%
Offline Spends (including Petrol Pumps)1%
Fuel, Wallet Loads and Rent Payments0% – No Rewards
RBL Zomato Edition Classic Credit Card Review – Rewards

The card also offers a milestone reward: 2000 extra cashback on Rs 2 Lakhs spend in a membership year. This makes it an effective 11% cashback on birthday spending.

LTF IDFC First Bank Credit Cards

The card offers a minimum of 1% cashback on spending. The highlight of this card is the 10% cashback on birthday spending. No max caps on any of the categories including birthday spends!

Complimentary Zomato Pro Membership

The card also gets us complimentary Zomato Pro membership valid for as long as we hold the card. Zomato Pro comes with several benefits. Not worth purchasing separately but is good as it is bundled with the card.

Zomato Pro Membership on RBL Zomato Edition Classic Credit Card

How To Apply

The invite for this card is being rolled out in phases. Once rolled out, the invite will be visible under the ‘Money’ tab in the Zomato app.

My Edition Classic Invite in the Zomato App

Application Experience

I recently got an offer for this card on the Zomato app. I did not hold any RBL Bank credit cards till now as I did not find them interesting. But the benefits and the LTF offer on the Edition Classic piqued my interest.

AU Bank Xcite Ace

The application and VKYC process was smooth and completed in around 15 minutes. The assigned credit limit was good as well. The card gets linked to the Zomato account with physical card delivery in 3-4 days. The credit card application experiences keep getting smoother! 🙂

Manage Card on Zomato App

Another good thing about this card is the seamless experience right on the Zomato app. We can see transactions, earned cashback and can even do card management on the Zomato app. No need for any RBL app. This is the kind of integration I want to see for other cards like Amazon Pay ICICI and Flipkart Axis.

Zomato App shows cashback on each transaction

Rewards Redemption

The cashback is in the form of Edition Cash and can be redeemed in the Zomato app. On redemption, this gets added to the Zomato account as credits. No limit on the credits that can be used for orders plus no restriction of promo codes for such orders. This is what makes it a great deal.

Zomato Pro Plus – The Icing on the Cake

Pro Plus is the Zomato version of Swiggy One. But is a little bit better as free delivery is applicable to all restaurants. This is again an invite-only membership with varying charges for different accounts.

I recently got the Pro Plus invite and it has been an awesome addition for someone who orders outside food. Cashback on Edition Classic + Better Promo Codes + Free Delivery. What more can someone ask for. 🙂

My View

The RBL Zomato Edition Classic is not a good old-fashioned cashback/rewards card. It is a great good fit for the millennials who have significant spending on Zomato. Zomato is building a USP with Pro Plus membership and Edition Classic against the likes of Swiggy. I was an avid Swiggy user but have ended up ordering on Zomato with better deals using this.

The 10% uncapped birthday spending is an amazing deal for an LTF card. This card is also a very good option for someone getting their first credit card. What can be more lucrative than free food! 🙂

This card is getting devalued from 20th September 2022. The 10% reward on your birthday is gone. So is the 5% reward on restaurant spending. There is no use for this card right now except for keeping it for LTF and making use of RBL card offers.

I have shifted my delivery orders back to Swiggy for now. Vouchers are available at a good discount and delivery is free as well with One membership.

For dining out, check out the EazyDiner IndusInd credit card. The card can help you save up to 50% or more off your dining bill. I would recommend getting that card now.

RBL Zomato Edition Classic Credit Card


Joining / Annual Fees
Features and Benefits
Axis Bank Neo Credit Card LTF
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9 thoughts on “RBL Zomato Edition Classic Credit Card Review”

    1. Card Maven

      The RBL Zomato Black card has the Pro Plus membership. But yes, the membership is not available now.

    2. Terrible card. Got no benefits. Had to pay for all deliveries. Kept getting charged late payment and interest on that.

  1. The card has a major devaluation now. They have removed most of the benefits –
    There is no 5% cashback at dining at any Outlet. The only cashback we have is 5% on paying through the zomato app. That is pretty much it.
    All other transactions are now capped at 1%
    Not sure if the 10% birthday cashback benefits will continue or not as well.

    Essentially its a “dining” focused card that hardly has any dining benefits

  2. I already have Zomato Pro Plus. So, I go ahead with this Edition card, will I get Zomato Pro or Pro plus?
    I don’t want to be downgraded to Zomato pro!!!

    1. Card Maven

      Pro Plus membership will stay as it is. There will not be any downgrade. Pro Plus membership is independent of this card.

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