Transfer Axis Bank EDGE Rewards/Miles to KrisFlyer Miles

Axis Bank EDGE Reward Points to KrisFlyer Miles

In the world of credit cards, new launches are always met with a lot of excitement. Because once they are launched we rarely see them adding a new scheme to their benefits. But, we have one good news today. Axis Bank is finally adding the ability to transfer out EDGE reward points to KrisFlyer. This is one feature that HDFC Bank has had for its premium credit cards for quite some time but Axis Bank lacked. Here is everything you need to know about this new feature.

Eligible Credit Cards and Earn Rate

The travel-focused Axis Bank Atlas credit card already has the option to transfer EDGE Miles to KrisFlyer. In addition to that, we can now transfer EDGE Reward Points to KrisFlyer for the below cards.

LTF IndusInd Bank Credit Cards

Transfer Ratio for EDGE Rewards to KrisFlyer Miles

The transfer ratio for converting EDGE rewards to KrisFlyer miles is pretty generous at the moment for premium cards like the Magnus.

Atlas Credit Card1 EDGE Mile = 2 KrisFlyer Miles
Reserve, Burgundy Private, and Magnus Credit Card5 EDGE Reward Points = 4 KrisFlyer Miles
Select and Privilege Credit Card10 EDGE Reward Points = 1 KrisFlyer Miles
EDGE Rewards conversion to KrisFlyer Miles

KrisFlyer Miles Earn Rate for Axis Bank Credit Cards

Here is how many KrisFlyer miles we can earn when transacting on these cards. The super-premium credit cards earn 4.8% to 6% KrisFlyer Miles on transactions. This is more than the 3.3% that HDFC Bank offers on DCB/Infinia cards.

Credit Card VariantStandard Reward RateKrisFlyer Miles Earn Rate
Burgundy Private15 EDGE RP/Rs 20012 Miles/Rs 200 ~6%
Reserve15 EDGE RP/Rs 20012 Miles/Rs 200 ~6%
Magnus12 EDGE RP/Rs 2009.6 Miles/Rs 200 ~4.8%
Select10 EDGE RP/Rs 2001 Miles/Rs 200 ~0.5%
Privilege10 EDGE RP/Rs 2001 Miles/Rs 200 ~0.5%
KrisFlyer Miles Earn Rate for Axis Bank Credit Cards

This is just the standard reward rate. We also have milestone EDGE rewards, Grab Deals where we can earn more than 10X RP, and Travel EDGE for 5X RP on selected variants.

LTF IDFC First Bank Credit Cards

Why the Magnus is best placed for this new feature?

Axis Bank Magnus is best placed for utilizing this new feature. Here is what we get:

Airtel Axis Bank Credit Card
  • Monthly Spend: Rs 1 Lakh
  • Regular EDGE Rewards: 12 RP/Rs 200 ~6000 EDGE Rewards
  • Bonus EDGE Rewards: 25000 RP for Rs 1 Lakh spend
  • Total EDGE Rewards: 31000 RP
  • Earned KrisFlyer Miles: 24800!

This is a whopping 24800 miles on Rs 1 Lakh spend and rivals even HDFC Bank Smartbuy! We can even use Travel EDGE and Grab Deals to earn accelerated EDGE RP. This can take the earn rate even higher.

Final Thoughts

This feature equips Axis Bank to compete better with the market leader HDFC Bank. With Infinia and DCB devaluations over the past year, we were not left with any good alternatives. But, this makes Axis Magnus a great option to consider if you are into the KrisFlyer program.

AU Bank Xcite Ace

While we have the announcement, we do not have a live option yet to transfer EDGE reward points to KrisFlyer miles. Hoping it begins soon! Hoping we get more transfer partners like the Axis Atlas credit card.

Source: Axis Bank Announcement

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