Amex Reward Multiplier Offer: Additional e-vouchers worth Rs 2500

Amex Reward Multiplier E-vouchers Offer

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American Express has launched a new offer for Reward Multiplier. We can get up to Rs 2500 worth of additional e-vouchers on shopping for e-vouchers from Reward Multipiler. Here are the details:

Offer Variants

Offer 1Get additional e-vouchers worth Rs 250 on shopping e-vouchers worth Rs 50005.0% Value
Offer 2Get additional e-vouchers worth Rs 1000 on shopping e-vouchers worth Rs 150006.7% Value
Offer 3Get additional e-vouchers worth Rs 2500 on shopping e-vouchers worth Rs 300008.3% Value

Offer Details

  • Valid from 21st to 26th December
  • Valid for ALL Amex cards
  • Enrollment not required
  • Multiple transactions allowed (Good for MRCC and Gold charge cards)

Additional e-voucher options

The additional e-vouchers will have to be one of the below.

LTF IndusInd Bank Credit Cards

My View

This is a good offer from Amex for its Reward Multiplier E-vouchers section. The bonus reward rate is between 5% to 8.3% over the regular rewards.

The extra e-vouchers options are a bit limited but there are a few useful ones. We can get vouchers from Ola, Pizza Hut, Mainland China etc. in time for the new year celebrations. 🙂

LTF IDFC First Bank Credit Cards

For those with Membership Rewards or Gold Charge cards, the transactions can be done in parts. This is a great way to get the bonus points on completing the 4/6 transactions in a month plus extra e-vouchers.

Axis Bank Neo Credit Card LTF
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