American Express Gold Collection for 18K and 24K MR Points

American Express Gold Collection

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The American Express Gold collection is one of the most sought-after redemption options. It’s for good reason, too. It is the easiest way to get the best value for your MR points without having to go through points transfers. Previously, only the Gold Charge and MRCC cardholders could access the Gold collection. However, now you can use these redemption options even for MR points earned on other cards like Plat Travel, as long as you also hold a MRCC or Gold Charge card. Here are the different redemption options available in the Amex Gold Collection.

American Express Gold Collection: 18K MR points

The 18K Gold collection offers you access to Amazon Pay, Flipkart, Myntra, Shoppers Stop and Taj Hotels stay vouchers. If we go purely by value per MR point, then Taj Hotels is your best bet. But, you also have multiple options if you do not want to do a travel redemption. Amazon Pay GV would give you a good value in this case. You can use it to pay bills or do any kind of shopping on Amazon.

LTF IndusInd Bank Credit Cards
E-VoucherValueMR Point Value
AmazonRs 700039 paise
FlipkartRs 700039 paise
MyntraRs 800044 paise
Shoppers StopRs 800044 paise
TajRs 900050 paise
Amex 18K Gold Collection

American Express Gold Collection: 24K MR points

The 24K Gold collection offers you access to Amazon Pay, Flipkart, Shoppers Stop, Taj Hotels and Tanishq Diamond Jewellery gift vouchers. If we go purely by value per MR point, then again Taj Hotels is your best bet. The 24K Gold collection gives you access to few more non-travel redemptions. Tanishq Diamond Jewellery stands out in this with a marginally higher value per MR point.

E-VoucherValueMR Point Value
AmazonRs 900038 paise
FlipkartRs 900038 paise
Tanishq Diamond JewelleryRs 1000042 paise
Shoppers StopRs 1100046 paise
TajRs 1400058 paise
Amex 24K Gold Collection

Which one offers the best value for 18K and 24K Gold Collection?

Taj and Vistara vouchers – a recent addition to the gold collection provide the best redemption value.

However, if you are not into travel then the next best option is either the Tanishq/Shoppers Stop voucher (from the 24 Carat Gold Collection) or the Amazon e-voucher (from the 18 Carat gold collection).

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2 thoughts on “American Express Gold Collection for 18K and 24K MR Points”

  1. Tarun Todi

    I’m unable to find Vistara vouchers in the 24k collection anymore. Not sure if that’s a temporary thing or it’s permanently gone. Can someone confirm?

    1. Card Maven

      Vistara option is not there for quite some time now. The article also reflects that 🙂

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