Get Lifetime Free (LTF) AU Bank Credit Cards

AU Bank Lifetime Free LTF Credit Cards

AU Bank has some decent credit cards in its offerings. As of now, all its credit cards except LIT credit cards have a joining and annual fee. But there is a way to get them Lifetime Free. All AU Bank credit cards including Zenith are issued as LTF for government and select corporate employees.

How to apply?

You can apply normally using the AU Bank credit card onboarding portal.

While providing the employer details, ensure that you choose the correct employer from the listed companies on the portal. In most cases the portal will automatically show the credit card as Lifetime Free based on the chosen employer.

Eligible company list for LTF AU Bank Credit Cards

Refer to this list to see eligible list of companies to get LTF AU Bank credit cards. The list may not be up to date as it is continuously revised to add and remove companies.

Can we convert a paid AU Bank credit card to LTF?

Yes, it is possible. If you have already got the AU Bank credit card with annual fee, you can email support with employer name to check and convert it to LTF.

Do share your experiences below in getting an AU Bank credit card.


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