LazyPay LazyCard Review

LazyPay LazyCard Review

LazyPay is a BNPL player that has been there in the market for a long time. Since its launch, LazyPay works as a BNPL wallet that is available only on select online websites. But with Slice and Uni going head-on with their BNPL Visa cards, LazyPay had been losing its relevance. So, it has launched its own LazyCard that works like a normal Visa credit card. Here is a review of the LazyCard from LazyPay with its rewards and benefits.

Fees and Charges

LazyCard is Lifetime Free (LTF). There is no joining or annual fee. We get a welcome benefit of Rs 500 cashback on the first transaction.

LTF IndusInd Bank Credit Cards
Joining FeeNIL
Annual FeeNIL
Welcome BenefitRs 500 cashback on the first transaction
LazyPay Card – Fees and Charges


Except for the welcome benefit, there is no standard reward rate for transactions on LazyCard. We get scratch cards for up to 5% cashback on each transaction. It works similar to what we see in Google Pay.

The cashback amount varies quite a lot and can be much less than what you expect. The issue with such an approach is that we might end up getting much less than the 1%-2% cashback we get on other cards. We always prefer to have assured rewards/cashback on a transaction rather than a chance of luck.

The rewards approach is also in contrast with Uni and Slice which give 1%-2% cashback on all transactions. We would have liked to see the same thing here. Assured rewards are better than ‘luck’ rewards.

LTF IDFC First Bank Credit Cards

Final Thoughts

LazyCard is a standard BNPL card like the many others we see in the BNPL space. The card does not have much to offer except that it is easy to get even without a credit score.

Airtel Axis Bank Credit Card

The scratch cards may be temporary and will end up becoming ‘Better Luck Next Time’ very soon. We don’t recommend getting a BNPL card due to the many reporting issues that happen on the credit reports. With the kind of rewards LazyCard offers, it is easier to not recommend this card at all.


AU Bank Xcite Ace


Joining / Annual Fees
Features and Benefits
Axis Bank My Zone Credit Card LTF
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