HDFC Bank DAP Link: Unified Platform to apply and check credit card status

HDFC Bank has been taking many steps to streamline its offerings and bring them on to an unified digital platform. If you need a new credit card or loan from HDFC Bank, you will now be directed to apply on the new HDFC Bank DAP Link. DAP or Digital Application Platform is a new service implemented by HDFC Bank. It pulls together various processes to streamline the provision on banking services to customers, including loans, overdrafts and credit card applications.

How is HDFC Bank DAP Link useful?

Applying for a new credit card or loan has many steps for both the customer and HDFC Bank. There are steps for KYC, upload of documents, eligibility check and verification processes. DAP aims to be bring these processes online.

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If you are a new to HDFC Bank customer, then all these processes can now be done online. You can provide your KYC details, upload documents like bank statement, address proof and complete the application process.

HDFC Bank DAP Link for Credit Card Applications

If you want to apply for a new HDFC Bank credit card, you need to use the DAP link now.

  • Enter your mobile number
  • Enter basic KYC details and income information
  • Upload income documents or choose account aggregator to download bank statements
  • Choose credit card and complete application process

Once the credit card is provisionally approved, you will get a call to complete VKYC.

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Check HDFC Bank DAP Link for Credit Card Application Status

After you have applied for a credit card, you can check the status by using another HDFC Bank DAP Link. It is called the CC tracker.

To check your HDFC Bank credit card application status, you would need your mobile number and one of Application Reference Number, Application Form Number or Date of Birth.

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