Which is the Best HDFC Bank Credit Card?

Best HDFC Bank Credit Card

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Which is the best HDFC Bank credit card? For someone using credit cards for 5-10 years, this question does not need an answer. But if one is starting off with their credit card journey, this is a much-debated question. While the best HDFC Bank credit card continues to be the Infinia, not everyone can get it. So, which is the order of preference that one should go about when choosing an HDFC Bank credit card. We answer this question today for both aspects – earning and redeeming rewards.

Different Types of HDFC Bank Credit Cards

Before getting into which is the best HDFC Bank credit card, it is important to know the different types. Across all banks, we will see three types of cards – rewards, cash back, and miles. The most popular of these is the cashback card because they are the simplest. But, as we use credit cards we realize that rewards and miles are better than cashback.

LTF IndusInd Bank Credit Cards

Best HDFC Bank Cashback Credit Cards

HDFC Bank Millennia Credit Card Review

In order of cashback on spending, the best credit cards are Millennia, MoneyBack+, and Freedom with Millennia offering the highest cashback.

  • All three cards are offered LTF by HDFC Bank with Smartpay or first 90 days spend criteria.
  • If applying/upgrading follow the order, Millennia > MoneyBack+ > Freedom
Card VariantCashbackSmartbuy Cashback
Millennia Credit Card1% to 5%1% to 10%
MoneyBack+ Credit Card0.3% to 3.3%1% to 10%
Freedom Credit Card0.1% to 1%1% to 10%
Best HDFC Bank Cashback Credit Cards

Best HDFC Bank Rewards Credit Cards

HDFC Bank Infinia Metal Edition Credit Card

In order of rewards on spending, the best credit cards are Infinia and Diners Club Black. We have Regalia and Diners Club Privilege at the next level.

  • Reward Rate on these cards will reduce drastically if you are planning to redeem them as cashback/vouchers.
  • These cards are suitable if you are planning to travel by flight regularly.
  • The best reward redemption option is to book flights on Smartbuy or transfer points to Intermiles/Krisflyer/Club Vistara.
  • If applying or upgrading follow the order, Infinia > Diners Club Black > Regalia > Diners Club Privilege
Card VariantRewardsSmartbuy Rewards
Infinia Credit Card3.3%10% to 33%
Diners Club Black Credit Card3.3%6.6% to 33%
Regalia Credit Card1.3% to 2.2%3.9% to 13.3%
Diners Club Privilege1.3% to 2.5%3.9% to 13.3%
Best HDFC Bank Rewards Credit Cards

Final Thoughts

LTF IDFC First Bank Credit Cards

Hope this helps you in choosing the right HDFC Bank credit card as per your preference and usage.

If starting out with HDFC Bank credit cards, get any of the cashback cards and then upgrade to Millennia. If you are spending more than Rs 4 Lakhs per year, then start looking at the rewards card starting with Regalia. Do read the detailed reviews of all the above cards on this website.

Axis Bank Neo Credit Card LTF
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