IDFC First Bank Wealth Credit Card

IDFC First Bank Wealth Credit Card


Joining Fee: LTF
Annual Fee: LTF




0.75% to 2.5%



Payment Network



Domestic Airport Lounge Access, International Airport Lounge Access, Railway Lounge Access, Paytm Movies Offer, Fuel Surcharge Waiver

LTF pricing takes its toll sooner or later. The LTF & premium IDFC First Bank Wealth credit card has now been devalued. Both rewards and benefits take a hit with these changes. While it is still LTF, we can no longer say it is a premium credit card. The maximum reward rate stays at 1.7% but non-10X spends now get a much lower reward rate. On the positive side, it still retains its benefits like domestic/ international airport lounge and spa access, and railway lounge access with some changes.


IDFC First Bank Wealth credit card is offered Lifetime Free (LTF) – no joining or annual fee. While applying online, choose C2C and use the credit card which has the highest limit. You can get Wealth if you have a limit exceeding Rs 5 Lakh on your existing credit card.

LTF IndusInd Bank Credit Cards
Joining and Annual FeeNIL (LTF)
Welcome BenefitWelcome voucher worth Rs 500 on spending Rs 5,000 within 90 days of card generation
5% cashback up to Rs 1000 on the transaction value of the first EMI done within 90 days of card generation
VariantVisa Infinite
IDFC First Bank Wealth Credit Card: Fees

IDFC First Bank Wealth Credit Card Rewards

Spend CategoryReward RateEligible for 10X Threshold
Offline Spends3 RP/Rs 150 ~0.5% returnYes
Online Spends3 RP/Rs 150 ~0.5% returnYes
Birthday Spends (excluding below categories)10 RP/Rs 150 ~1.7% returnYes
Rental & Property Spends3 RP/Rs 150 ~0.5% returnNo
Education, Wallet and Govt. Services3 RP/Rs 150 ~0.5% returnNo
Insurance & Utilities1 RP/Rs 150 ~0.17% returnNo
Fuel & EMI SpendsNo RewardsNo
IDFC First Bank Wealth Credit Card: Rewards

There is no max cap on earning reward points. With the latest devaluation, the reward rate for online spends with IDFC First Wealth credit card has gone down by 50%! Now, both online and offline spends till Rs 20,000 spends get just 0.5% return.

  • Rent and property management fee is 1%+GST. But, it is subject to a minimum charge of Rs 249 per transaction.
  • Cumulative utility spends of more than Rs 20,000 in a billing cycle will have an extra charge of 1%+GST to curb commercial usage.

10X Rewards on Incremental Spends

IDFC First Bank Wealth credit card gets a 10X benefit on incremental spending above Rs 20,000. While the 10X return is decent, we need to spend the threshold amount at lower reward rates to reach there. This decreases the overall reward rate.

Rent, property spends, education, wallet, government services, insurance, utilities , fuel and EMI spends are not eligible to included in this spend target for 10X rewards.

LTF IDFC First Bank Credit Cards
Spend Requirement
for 10X Rewards
10X Rewards
Rs 20,000 in a statement cycle10 RP/Rs 150 ~1.7% return
IDFC First Bank Wealth Credit Card: 10X Rewards

Key Benefits

Benefits are where the IDFC First Wealth credit card shines out as a LTF offering. The BOGO offer on Paytm Movies and complimentary RSA are quite useful.

  • Foreign Currency Mark Up: 1.5%+GST ~1.77%
  • Paytm Movies Offer: Buy One Get One up to Rs 250 twice per month
  • Complimentary Roadside Assistance up to 4 times per year
  • Fuel Surcharge Waiver: 1% waiver up to Rs 400 per month. This is valid on transactions from Rs 200 to Rs 5000.

Do check out the T&C of these offers to see more detail. You can also use the Visa Infinite offer on BookMyShow with the Wealth credit card.

Complimentary Airport Lounge and Spa Access

IDFC First Bank Wealth credit card now requires minimum spends to qualify for complimentary airport lounge and airport spa access. We need to spend a minimum of Rs 20,000 in a calendar month to get complimentary airport lounge and spa visits in the next calendar month. For example, if you want to visit lounge/spa in March then you should have spent minimum of Rs 20,000 in February.

AU Bank Xcite Ace

Complimentary Railway Lounge Access

  • Railway Lounge Access: 4 complimentary visits/quarter to the executive lounge in New Delhi Platform 16, Jaipur Platform 1, Agra Platform 1, Ahmedabad Platform 1, Madurai Platform 1 and Kolkata (Sealdah Platform 8)

There is no requirement of minimum spends to get complimentary railway lounge access.

Golf Benefits

  • 2 complimentary Golf rounds/month for every Rs 20,000 of monthly statement spends

Rewards Redemption

IDFC First Wealth Credit Card Rewards Redemption

There is no expiry date for the reward points earned on the IDFC First Bank Wealth credit card. We can use the reward points to pay for purchases on the payment gateway. Reward points can also be redeemed for gift vouchers like Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, and Big Basket. The value of each reward point is 25 paise. We have a reward redemption fee of Rs 99+GST ~Rs 117 for the IDFC First Bank Wealth credit card.

Final Thoughts

If we look at only the rewards, then what the IDFC First Wealth card offers is very less compared to the competition like Amazon Pay ICICI Bank credit card. But, there can be some benefits of the IDFC First Wealth credit card. You can use it for Paytm Movies BOGO or the RSA. Even railway lounge access is complimentary. But, airport lounge access cannot be considered as fully complimentary anymore as we have to make spends using the card to get it.

Frequently Asked Questions

IDFC First Bank Wealth Credit Card

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19 thoughts on “IDFC First Bank Wealth Credit Card”


    reward rates are even lower, you get 1X,3X,or 10X points per Rs.150 now, not per Rs.100 as was previously the case.

  2. Abhishek Sinha

    Terms have been revised. This card has now been devalued. Online RP accumulation is now same as Offline RP accumulation. 1+1 Movie Tickets have been reduced from 500 to 250. Lounge access have been placed behind a huge paywall.

      1. its per 150.


        I don’t think it deserv more than 2 stars (1- for key benefits, 1- providing lounge support), nothing accelarated, nothing interms of regular spends due to low usage (rewards), nothing unique or something which we can spend only this card.

        1. Card Maven

          Hey! Thank you, it was an editing mistake.

          Agree on the rating but still giving it a slightly better rating as it is LTF with railway lounge access and RSA. Even super-premium credit cards have started putting in too many restrictions on lounge access now while having a high annual fee.

  3. How to get this card? When I enter my details in IDFC website, it only shows me Millennia that too with just 75k limit.

  4. Welcome voucher* worth ₹ 500 on spending ₹ 5000 or more within 30 days of card generation.
    Please update welcome offer section.

  5. Article says Rs 5000 are required to spend to avail airport lounge access. I confirmed with customer care they said there is no spend based target for availing these services. Please confirm once and update this article.

    1. Card Maven

      Yes, that is correct. They updated it sometime back to reverse the spend requirements for Wealth variant.

      1. Final thoughts and FAQ can be updated. There is mention of spend based access.
        Thanks. Good work!

  6. Nithin Thomas

    I don’t understand why you underrated this card. LTF card with plenty of benefits.

    1. Fixed! It was rated low because it was positioned to be a premium card but with so many changes in other cards, it was time for a revision.

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